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June 15, 2016
catherdal barcelona

Barcelona was my first time in Spain and I can’t lie but the thing I was thinking the most before this trip was food. Tapas to be more specific. Yes, I know Barcelona is much more than food. Barcelona is architecture (after all is Gaudi’s city), sandy beach, art, sangria, flamenco and charming squares. i will tell you everything about barcelona city centre attractions.

So if you find yourself in Barcelona here some ideas of what to do (and what not)!

Lunch at La Boqueria

Of course I will start with food (some habits never die). This indoor market is the paradise of food lovers because basically you can find anything from fresh fish to juices. You can buy them fresh and cook later but you can eat there too. There isn’t much space to sit except from some tapas bar, but you can take away and walk around. Cheap and yummy lunch. What else? For more details read also Lunch time: La Boqueria market.

Must visit Sagrada familia

This is truly a masterpiece. One of the most impressive buildings I have ever seen. Guadi’s touch is here of course. Beautiful colors, magical vitros and no words to describe. Extra tip : Buy your tickets online to skip big waiting lines. Keep in mind that if it rains you can’t go to the top of the church for the view. Totally one of barcelona city centre attractions.


vitro art sagrada familia

Visit Gaudi’s masterpieces

Almost in every corner you will find something made from Gaudi. He is part of the Barcelona’s identity. He is part of  barcelona city centre attractions. Visit Park Guell to enjoy the view and the houses that look like they are made from cookies. Get ready for some crowds and keep in mind that you need to buy ticket for specific time in order to get (visits every ½ hour). Two other interesting masterpieces that worth your visit is La Pedrera and Casa Battlo.

gaudi building

Visit Magic Fontain of Montjuic at night

If you want some show with colors, lights, music and water acrobatics I strongly recommend it. Impressive and magic makes you feel like a kid. Check the operating hours and days before you go! Oh and it is for free.

Walk around the Gothic Quarter

Wandering through the little streets of Gothic quarter while eating churros was one of my best moments in Barcelona. This area has great shops bakeries and a unique style. Basically is the center of the old town so you can imagine the buildings and the atmosphere.

gothic quarter barcelona

Keep walking…The famous La Rambla

So you found yourself at the Gothic quarter. Go and walk La Rambla. This pedestrian road is very well known. You will find many tourists but is interesting to walk around and watch. There are shops, restaurants, animators, hotels and many many people especially on sunny days.

Take the Montjuic cable car

The point here is not just to enter a cable car but to enjoy the majestic view. If it is a sunny day I highly recommend it as you can see the whole city, the sea and of course to hike the mountain and visit the Montjuic castle.

Barcheloneta beach

Endless sandy beach, beautiful on a sunny day!We believe is nice to walk around but not actually swim. Many people and not that clean (which makes sense). For beach in a big city is not bad though.

barceloneta beach

Tapas and sangria

So I think is about time to talk again about food and drinks. Tapas and sangria. I can easily go back just for some cold sangria, two bites of chorizo and some patatas bravas. Just think little plates with few bites of many flavors.

The concept is simple. Not big portions to full up easy, variety to satisfy all your tastes and sangria to conclude every bite.

Add some good friends, or your love, or just yourself and voila!

potatas bravas tapas

What didn’t excite us so much (we suggest to skip if you have just a few days)


If you have kids is not  bad idea. But let’s be honest. On one hand, there are too many people, little space, expensive ticket. From the other hand there are penguins. Who doesn’t love them?!


aquarium barcelona

Parc de la Ciutadella

If you have time you can go for a walk, but the truth is that we didn’t find anything special there. The fountain wasn’t working and it needed some serious cleaning. There is s small lake though were you can rent a boat.Maybe next time we will give it a second chance.



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