Lunch time: La Boqueria market

· The best place to lunch in Barcelona ·

June 14, 2016
meatballs La boqueria

La Boqueria, the famous market is the best place to lunch when you find yourself in Barcelona. We can easily say that is the wonderland of foodies like us. Many and different things to try usually on the size of tapas or on a stick!La Boqueria is basically a market where you can find fish,seafood, meat, fruits, seasonings, olive oil and  many other tasty delights.The interesting thing is that you can not only buy fresh to cook home but also to find some of yummy food cooked for you. So if you are on an appetite for snack head there.

Try meatballs and chorizo

These were some of the most tasty meatballs we have ever had (photo above) .For real. Juicy, warm and the perfect size.While you will stare all these ham, salami and chorizo in front of you buy some to snack. They sale small portions to take away.Around 2,5-5 euros.Try the chorizo. This spicy miracle is perfect with beer.

chorizo salami


All seafood lovers get ready. After you walk around all the stalls with fish, crabs and many other sea creatures don’t forget to take a bite. Fresh fried goodies are waiting for you there.I preferred the variety stick to take a bite from all. One piece of tilapia, a shrimp, a scallop and something else yummy which I couldn’t tell what it was! Oh also try baby octopus and calamari.  Prices around 5-7 euros per portion for these goodies.

seafood La boqueria

seafood la boqueria

Eat fruit or just juice them!

So after snacking all this tasty but kinda fatty things take some fruits for dessert. You can find a decent variety and many stalls to choose!If you are not on a mood for more eating just take a colorful juice. You choose the fruits and they juice them up for you. Bon a petit 🙂

fruits Boqueria


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