Sicilian food you should try at least once in your lifetime

January 27, 2017
pasta marinara

Sicilian food it was one of the basic reasons why we visited Palermo and Cefalù. Believe us, every dish, every flavor is special at this Mediterranean island. There are many different delights to try, but the following are the ones we tried and suggest!

Pane ca meusa , or simply the spleen sandwich!

pani ca meusa

pani ca meusa maritata style

A must eat Sicilian food that you should try while in this wonderful place is this interesting sandwich. Especially if you like meat. Basically, it’s a bun with slices of spleen. The spleen though is boiled and then fried in pig lard (before is served) in order to become soft and tasty. The most common way that pani ca’ meusa is eaten today is maritata style. The import difference is that is escorted with a slice of ricotta cheese.

Arancini , the rice balls



Probably the most famous Sicilian food (or better street food) are these yummy deep-fried rice balls. You may find them in different shapes and flavors in every region. The most common way is with mozzarella, ragu and peas.

Pasta alla Norma

Pasta norma

Pasta norma

So we can’t talk about Sicilian food without including pasta. This dish is basically pasta with tomatoes, fried eggplant, ricotta cheese, and basil. Perfect for a cold Sicilian day!



This is the absolute Sicilian food – or to be more accurate – dessert! Super crispy fried pastry dough filled with fresh ricotta. Oh and powdered sugar on top! Interesting info: they have a “baby” version too, which is no bigger than a finger.

Brioche Con Gelato

Brioche con gelato

Brioche con gelato

Well this is clearly food porn! One of the most delicious deserts (if you can call it dessert with this size) is the brioche con gelato. The person who though to marry a brioche bun with great gelato is a genius, no doubt.



Sicilians love ricotta and you can tell from the dishes that they made with this creamy cheese. Cassata is sponge cake filled with creamy ricotta and decorated with dried fruits and marzipan. Sometimes it looks like a work of art!

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