Singapore in 48 hours

· From traditional neighborhoods to artificial trees ·

June 22, 2016
singapore stopover

So let’s talk about Singapore. This island city-state can really amaze you with the diverse cultures the politeness of the people and the great food (and sometimes with the prices!). From traditional neighborhoods to artificial trees Singapore is a must. Some say is the New York of Asia, we say is a city from the future. We had only 48 hours which was a pity but hopefully we ll go back there soon.

So if you find yourself in Singapore for only 48 hours here are some great ideas for what to do:

Visit Gardens by the bay

Spend a day at this beautiful park. Must visit the Flower Dome, which is the largest greenhouse in the world. The Cloud Forrest, where you can see a 35-metre-tall mountain and explore the biodiversity of cloud forests and of course the indoor waterfall! The Supertree grove and the OCBC skyway, really no words. So unrealistic, like you are in a future zone!

marina bay

The Dome Gardens by the bay

Go to a Hawker food hall

Yes, in Singapore you will eat. Eat weird things, eat street food, eat whatever looks good and of course eat at a Hawker food hall.Wander around the stalls that sell great cheap treats. Some of them are air-conditioned which is very important if you consider the temperature in Singapore. Hawker food halls have tables in the middle and you can sit wherever you like. So, remember the number of your table, go order, pay and enjoy. Keep tissues with you, because first you will need them and second you won’t find anywhere! And don’t forget to take just an idea of what George ate in Singapore!

Maxwell Hawker hall

tian tian chicken with rice

Take some tea at the Raffles Hotel Singapore 

Take a trip back to time by visiting this colonial style hotel and feel like a movie star. You will be amazed by the luxury but also the unique style that stands out from the contemporary skylines. I remember there was so much green around the hotel that I couldn’t sneak peek, but no worries I convinced George to take some tea inside. There is also a souvenir shop with some very stylish little gifts to buy for your family and friends!

Raffles hotel Singapore

Walk around China town

Busy, noisy and just amazing! We visited Singapore a few days before the chinese new year’s eve, so China town was super busy with people shopping goodies (and believe us you can find many weird, interesting and yummy things). Many stalls with food, electronics, traditional toys and many many more things are waiting.

China Town Singapore

China Town Singapore

P.S There are many more things to do in Singapore! These are some ideas if Singapore is your stopover city.

Oh and don’t forget to keep an umbrella with you!

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