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Yabatravellers is the very first Travel & Lifestyle Bloggers couple in Greece. Created by George Tsagarakis and Vasiliki Papakonstanti back in the August of 2016. Their own experience in combination with their background knowledge of hospitality & marketing sectors is what led to the creation of this blog. It addresses to all those seeking genuine travel experiences, tips and suggestions. What makes this blog unique, is that it focuses on couples travel and all about it, since we, ourselves are a happily married couple.

Yabatravellers readership comes from every corner of the globe, as it is a bilingual Travel & Lifestyle Blog (Greek & English). The largest part of our readers comes from Greece, America, England and Russia.

How about working with us?

If promoting your own brand, business or product in a distinct way is what you are seeking, here you will find passion, imagination and consistency!

Important Note:

We should first experience and then express our opinion, and this is why, personal experience of the product or the service offered, that needs to be relevant to our blog’s object and the readers’ interest, is really essential.

Here are some ways in which we can cooperate: The following suggestions are a sample of the types of cooperation that we carry out. We are open to new, innovative ideas and suggestions that respond equally to your brand’s profile and our readership’s interest.

Brand Ambassadorship

Robust cooperation and promotion of your brand through Yabatravellers blog

Sponsored post/reviews

First we try, then we review on your product/service offered. These reviews & sponsored posts are the authentic record of our own experience accompanied by audiovisual documents depending on what you, as a brand prefer, and what suits to our readers.


We run contests for our readers with giveaways of your own product with giveaways of your own product or service offered. The announcement of the contest is realized through our social media channels

Social Media Campaigns

We run campaigns to promote your brand through our Social Media Channels. You can either choose a specific social media or a combination of them.

Press/Fam trips

Since we adore travelling, as much as we love meeting new people, we participate in Press/Fam trips(in group or in private). We emphasize on promoting the destination concerned through our blog and Social Media Channels. Photos, videos, articles and live stories are included. (There is no extra charge for this service apart from expenses coverage)

Customized Travels Organization

You want to undertake a trip but you don’t have neither the time nor the will to spend time organizing it? We play this part for you and it’s customizes upon your taste and budget for a small fee.

Banner Advertising

We offer the choice of posting a banner to the side of our blog as long as the product or service offered from your brand is relevant to our content and readers’ preferences

Social Media Campaigns

Creation of Promotion Campaign of your brand to our Social Media Channels. You can either choose a separate media or a combination of them.

Media Kit and rate card are available if requested.

You can contact us if you wish, through our e-mail account :