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5 Smart things to do the day before your flight

5 Smart things to do the day before your flight

Make copies of your travel documents

So you packed your staff, passport, id card and all the paperwork (like visa etc). Now scan all your documents and save them at your phone or tablet. If you can’t do that photocopy them or take clear pictures. To lose your passport when you travel on a foreign country can cause you many troubles. The country may deny you entrance to their territory or your airline may not accept you to the flight even when you are returning home. It is wise to have copies of documents and numbers of visa or passport. In some cases it will save you and you will finally get in that plane. In some other cases it will help you with immigration and embassy processes. So in any case do it! It doesn’t take time and can be really helpful.

Check the flight time and the details

In many cases airlines reschedule their flights, or have heavy delays. This can happen for many reason. From a strike to just a reschedule. When you do your ticket reservation provide an accurate e-mail that you actually check regularly and keep your mind. The day before your flight check again your ticket, the boarding and flight time and if it is possible do a web-check in. It will save you time. Let’s face it, you don’t want to be the person who is running to the gate screaming, just a step away from a heart-attack just to catch a flight. Be prepared and be on time. Especially on international flights that you will probably need to go through immigration.

Check your baggage allowance

So you packed a huge bag with all the staff you want to take with you. Nice. Now check if your ticket includes a luggage. Many airlines have fairs that do not include luggage. Even some airlines that are not low cost. If you bought a fair like that, buy baggage allowance from the web. Most of the times is much cheaper from the airport and it will save you some discomfort. The same applies for the handbag. Think : “Is my handbag actually a handbag?” and check dimension and weight from the web. Be sure of what you deserve or not.

Be proactive for your well-being

So you checked-in your lugagge. Sometimes things don’t go the way we wish. There is always a chance that your luggage may not arrive with you. Remember the agony on passengers’ faces when they wait their luggage on the belt. Sprry, but it may not appear. Now you are on a foreign country after a 12 hour flight and you don’t even have a clean underwear. To avoid all this prepare an emergency handbag. It can be a woman’s purse or a small backpack. Now put some essentials inside, like a pair of socks and underwear, a t-shirt and toothbrush. Avoid liquds! Find the lost and found department give all the necessary information and ask if the airline provides a kit. Even if they don’t, you do not need to worry! You have your emergency small package.

Arrange your airport transportation

Almost all of you have a good friend or just a family member that will take you to the airport but if you don’t you need to arrange your transportation. Especially if you need to catch an early morning flight! If you are going to take a cab consider the traffic and calculate (approximately). If you choose the metro check what time is the suitable itinerary. The same process with the bus.

Extra tipsKeep in mind that is really important to check from which terminal your flight departs.