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6 Amazing Thai dishes you should definitely try

6 Amazing Thai dishes you should definitely try

· And why you will not regret it! ·




Best Thai dishes!


Pad Thai

One of the most amazing Thai dishes. This dish is basically stir-fried noodles. You can find it almost anywhere in Thailand. From a street food stall and local eateries, to a fancy restaurant. Pad Thai can be eaten with seafood or chicken, or just with vegetables. Also, if you don’t like spicy food Pad Thai is right for you because it is more sweet and sour. Quite easy recipe to cook at home!

Tom Yum Goong

Now this soup is spicy and super aromatic. Main ingredient is shrimps. Lemon grass is also intense. So if you are not into seafood choose something else from the menu! Most of the times you will find it as a hot and sour soup. If you like spicy but not that spicy ask for a mild version.




Panang curry or basically all curries

Thailand is known for fantastic curry, with red and green curry dishes most popular. Panang curry was one of the yummiest dishes we found there. The base of this curry is coconut milk. You will find the flavors of lemon grass, cumin, coriander, and chili in this curry. It usually comes with beef, but you can ask for a different main ingredient.




Som Tam

This dish is a combination of sour, hot, salty, savory and sweet flavors. In English you find it as ‘papaya salad’. It’s fresh, easy to prepare, and tastes heavenly. There are again many different variations for this meal. Before you order you can ask!





Spring rolls

Very popular snack or first dish accompanied with hot or sweet-sour sauce, crispy spring rolls can be found at almost any street vendor or restaurant. In Thailand they are often fresh made and are done in a few minutes. So go for it!





Mango sticky rice

This dish might be a dessert but I can say for say that it was my bestSo, make sure to include mango sticky rice on your list of Amazing Thai dishes. It is basically a short-grained rice cooked with sweet coconut milk in such a way that it sticks together. Before is served they add a fresh ripe sliced mango next to the rice. The flavors and the textures are just incredible. Light and yummy a piece of heaven.


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