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9 Things you need to do in Lisbon

9 Things you need to do in Lisbon

Lisbon is a breathtaking capital and a destination that definitely worth visiting. We went there, we saw and we are here to share our experience with you on all things you need to do in Lisbon.

Travel to Lisbon!


#1 Ride with the famous tram 28

The trademark that everyone will come across several times around Lisbon is tram 28.  With its distinctive yellow color, it follows a beautiful route around the city centre. Taking this ride worth your time as you will discover the centre’s picturesque neighborhoods. While going uphill and downhill with the tram you will not help but stare at the colorful houses.

Extra tips: The working hours of the tram are from 07.00 to 22.00. If you want to find a seat though, you should be there earlier! The tram does a lot of stops, but it would be better to take it from Campo Ourique or Martim Moniz station again in order to find a seat. You can buy your ticket in the tram costing 2,90 euros. An other alternative you have is to buy the 24hour ticket from a metro station which comes at 6.15 and is a value for money and includes unlimited number of journeys during the day as well as discounts in many other tourist attraction as the Elevador de Santa Justa. The best way to start your list with all the things you need to do in Lisbon.

#2 Going up the Elevador de Santa Justa

This elevator has been there since the 19th century and transfers passengers from Baixa area to Largo do Carmo area. Today, it is commonly used more as a tourist attraction and not as a means of transportation. The main reason why it is worth going up this ancient site is the panoramic view that it offers! From the one side of it, one can enjoy Lisbon’s view from the top, and on the other side an extraordinary medieval church  (Camo Convent) which has no roof and survived he disastrous earthquake of 1755.

Extra tips: The cost of going up and down the Elevador, comes at 5.15 euros, but if you already have the 24hour ticket we were talking about before, you will not have to pay again. Although, as we were going down we discovered that there is also another way to do it. The elevator is joined via a bridge with the medieval church. Under the bridge there is a bar-restaurant which has an elevator and leads to a store with products made of cork right across the elevator! That means that if you take it from there you will not have to deal with the long queue and you will only have to pay 1,5 to reach the top.

#3 Visiting the Castelo de São Jorge

It is a castle located in the highest hill of the city and offers abundant view to Lisbon and the Tagus river. Apart from that of course, this fortress-castle has  a history that begins back in the era of Visigoths. Its biggest boom  was from the 13th till the 16th century. Its present condition is due to the Moors. You will have the chance to explore its 11 towers, the museum and the breathtaking view of the castle. Definitely on of the most important things you need to do in Lisbon.

Extra tips: Take into consideration that you might need around 2-3 hour since the castle is kind of big. Additionally, the route in order to reach the top is uphill. Adult tickets cost 8,5 euros.

#4 Trying the most famous dessert, known as Pasteis de nata

These Portuguese small tarts will probably steal your heart and will make your palate love you. A delicious pastry cream aromatized with vanilla extract and a thin caramelized layer, lying in a freshly well baked crunchy crust. Sprinkle some caster sugar and cinnamon and you won’t be able to leave that city!

Extra tips: It goes without saying that the most famous Pasteis de nata are those in Pasteis de Belem (http://pasteisdebelem.pt/en/ ). It is packed with people all over the world and dreamy steamy smells that will make you lose your mind in the very beginning but it totally worth it. It is literally a mouth-watering experience. We also tried them in another place called Fabrica Nata and it as our second favorite as they were equally delicious yet the crust was not that crunchy. Their cost  was around 1-1,10 each.

#5 Taking a walk in Alfama

The most picturesque neighborhood in Lisbon and the only one that survived the disastrous earthquake  of 1755. What to expect from it? Traditional old houses, narrow street and historic buildings like the well-known Cathedral . You can treat yourself by sitting in one of the numerous small café-restaurants there and enjoy the relaxing vibe of the neighborhood.


#6 Taking picture in the Belem tower

Although we know Lisbon is the perfect place to take pictures, Belem Tower, especially on a sunny day, is the place that leads you in a nostalgic path back in the days of the knights. It was built in the 16th century and apart from the defensive causes that it was built for, it also had a symbolic one as it was considered to be a monument devoted to the discoveries of the world known explorer Vasco Da Gama To be more specific this tower is a monument of world heritage of UNESCO. Write it on your list of things you need to do in Lisbon

Extra tip: Although there is nothing special to see in the interior of the tower, if you wish to take a tour, chose not to do in on Mondays, as it is closed! Admission fees is 6 euros.

#7 Eating and drinking at the Mercado Ribeira (TimeOut market)

As in many other European countries, in Lisbon there are also markets where you can find tons of food and drinks in small stores one next to another. When it comes to this specific market that TimeOut is responsible for, you will have the chance to indulge “alterations” of the traditional Portuguese dishes,  with a more contemporary hint. You can have  a variety of burgers, try  seafood and have abundant local wine.

Extra tip: If you really want the service to be quick and to find a seat ,you should avoid choosing this place in rush hours like at 14.00.

#8 Don’t miss wandering from Bairo Alto to the Arch of Rua Augusta.

Enjoying a refreshing cocktail in the narrow streets of Bairo Alto, or fooling around and staring in Rua Augusta. When crossing these neighborhoods you will get to feel and embrace the extremely vivid vibe of this city! Bairo Alto is what we call a more hipster region, with cool bars and a youth vibrant atmosphere. The Baixa region that ends when it meets the Arch of Rua Augusta is full of crowded squares, cafeterias and little shops where you can browse and shop. One thing can be said for sure, no matter where you might end up, you will definitely have fun!

#9 Get to know all these things that make Lisbon what it is!

Each capital and city has its own history, cultural elements and traditional characteristics that make her distinctive. In Lisbon some of the elements are the tiles that are a true decoration for the houses and are a real piece of art. To tell you the truth, there is also a museum that hosts this kind of art. Another interesting characteristic is the tradition of the canned food! There is a huge range of canned food that consists of sardines, tuna , codfish, octopus and every creature of the Atlantic ocean. There also special shops like the Loja das Conservas where you can find products from more than 19 canned food companies.

The list with the things you need to do in Lisbon could be a lot bigger and involve more places to visit than it does as well as more activities. Therefore, all we did here is pointing out our favorite ones!



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