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Amsterdam Coffeeshops quick Guide

Amsterdam Coffeeshops quick Guide

If you are planning to visit Amsterdam, you will probably hear about coffeeshops. There are more than 200 coffeeshops in Amsterdam. You may find some coffee served also but for sure you will visit one of these stores in order to smoke cannabis, marijuana etc. One of my friends told me that is the Disneyland for adults. The truth is that Amsterdam is much more than this, but if you want to enjoy a smoke you can add it on your list.

We have gathered some information in order to make it easier for you!

Amsterdam coffeeshops!


Coffeeshops products

Cannabis, marijuana, hash, hash cakes (space cakes) and other mind-altering substances are the main products inside a coffeeshop. Of course you will find regular coffee or soda but let’s be honest, if you find yourself there you want to experience something more. If you are amateurs like us, there are menus to help you with selections and prices per gram. If you still don’t know how, you may ask the dealer in the bar to assist your queries. If you find non polite staff just remember that there are another 199 shops near you. If you are facing rolling difficulties, there are ready pre-rolled joints with or without tobacco to ask for.

Where can you smoke?

in Amsterdam Coffeeshops, technically you are allowed to smoke only inside the coffeeshop (selling weed) and some hostels with specific sign. In reality, your nose will catch this grassy smell coming from parks, streets and sometimes in other stores.


How much does it cost?

Depending on quality and the place, the prices vary.  You may find from 5€ to 30 € per gram depending the quality. General rule is that the more expensive, the stronger the weed. Pre-rolled joints are about 2-3€.



What about the effects?

Effects are based on the quality of strain. The more expensive the better quality. The effects from low-quality tends to be lazy, relaxing and sleep. From medium and high quality the resulting effects are potent and enjoyable. You are on holidays so probably you are looking for fun and euphoria. Unwanted side effects can also come like headaches and other adverse side effects so it’s better to stay close to your friends. If you eat hash or weed (in a space cake or brownies) it might take up to two hours to show any effect, do not take a second piece! The effects last 4-6 hours. Remember that you are smoking for fun so DO NOT overdo it with the Amsterdam Coffeeshops.


  • Be careful with space cakes as the hash takes a while to work. Half of that cake is more than enough for each person.
  • Amsterdam coffeeshops tend to get less expensive the further you go from the city center.
  • Some coffeeshops have outdoor smoking areas.
  • Mushrooms and other mind drugs can be found in Smart shops and not coffee shops. (We didn’t try any of those so we don’t have an opinion on that).
  • Outside of Amsterdam Coffeeshops coffeeshops try not to act foolish and do NOT take some back home as souvenir!!
  • Avoid stressful environments