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Why Amsterdam should be your next Destination

Why Amsterdam should be your next Destination

Amsterdam is definitely a place you should put on your bucket list if you haven’t done already. The truth is that we can’t find enough words to describe the feeling of wandering with a bike next to the beautiful canals on a sunny day.

If you need some reasons why you should visit Amstrdam now  just keep reading ?

Travel to Amsterdam!


Walk around Vondelpark

Amsterdam is a city full of green and parks. Vondelpark is a must visit oasis. Beautiful trees, lakes and endless alleys for bikers and walkers. Perfect for a picnic with some local Gouda cheese and a beer!


Enjoy a canal tour

There are literally hundreds of canals in Amsterdam. Hop up in a cruise boat and enjoy the picturesque views. You can choose from many kind of boats. Big ones with guide or little ones for more privacy. The route is similar so no worries.



Visit the Anne Frank house

Besides the fact that this is a very interesting place with intense history, you get a chance to think further about the inner power of people. Our strong instinct of survival and of course why is important to remember our history. Keep in mind that it can be crowded and it is better to book your tickets in advance.



Discover Jordan district

One of the most charming districts is Jordan. Cute boutiques, restaurants and cafes all over.




Van Gogh Museum

This is a museum you can’t skip especially if you like Van Gogh’s paintings. You will learn a lot about his history but also about the artists that had a major influence on his work.



Wander in Albert Cuypmarkt

We are huge fans of markets, especially the ones that include food. The famous Albert Cuypmarkt is a must visit place. You get the chance to try local delights, buy beautiful flowers and vintage things.



Eat Amsterdam delights

Dutch have some interesting yummy foods and desserts like poffertjes (small pancakes of heaven), gouda cheese and herring. Oh and much more than that!




Relax at a “coffee shop”

This shops are not selling coffee, but you can find beverages too! In these places you can smoke cannabis or marijuana and relax. You don’t know how and what?! There is a dealer to help you. Yeap, we just wrote that. If you don’t want to try don’t worry, there are many charming shops that you can actually drink coffee!


Check out Red Lights district

The truth is that this is mostly a touristic area but you should check it out. Start your walk late in the evening around the alleys with the red lights. Ladies just with their underwear in front of windows, many sex shops and sex theatres. Just a taste of the district.



Hire a bike

The first things you will notice in Amsterdam is the amount of bicycles. Feel like a local and hire a bike to wander around the city. Be careful though is not always that easy to move around with a bike in a city full of bikes!





4-5 DAYS