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How to spend an afternoon Downtown Athens

How to spend an afternoon Downtown Athens

Syntagma and Omonoia are the main squares of Athens. When we talk about downtown Athens we mean these two squares and the area around them. They are the core of Athens city center. So you finished your historic tour, or shopping around Athens and you want to spend your afternoon eating, drinking and enjoying all the hidden gems of this city. In this post you will find one of the many itineraries you can choose to satisfy your senses. Enjoy!

· Without Sightseeing ·

Athens Downtown!


Take a journey back to Byzantium and taste authentic meze at “Ta Karamanlidika tou Fani”

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well

Virginia Woolf

Housed in a neoclassical house at Psirri, near the square of Omonoia this place is a secret gem. A combination of deli and meze house it satisfies all your senses. Keep in mind is a place for meat lovers! Must try the sausages. Besides the historic dishes (you will need some help with the menu but they are more than willing to help), you can enjoy varieties of Greek wine, tsipouro and ouzo. When you find yourself in downtown Athens this must be your choice. Where : Evripidou 52, corner Socratous.

Time for dessert! Head to “Sermpetospito of Nansi”

So you finished your meze and you can barely stand (from the wine and the food). So now is time for dessert! Walk around Psirri and head to “Sermpetospito of Nansi”. Get ready for some dessert porn. As soon as you sit down you will notice dishes with chocolate pies, brownies, biscuit pies, chocolate soups, traditional baklava and kantaifi with ice cream passing through to the tables next to you. Be aware the portions are quite brave. Where : Square Iroon 1

Our favorite bar downtown Athens. For the true rum lovers.

Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy

Frank Sinatra

Baba au rum our personal favorite : Small, cozy, retro style, not fancy staff. You will go there for the drinks (and the music). When it comes to rum cocktails they are the best. Baba au Rum was voted among the world’s 50 best bars 2016. Where: Klitiou 6