One of the best Greek islands for couples: Milos
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One of the best Greek islands for couples: Milos

One of the best Greek islands for couples: Milos

One thing we wondered after our visit to the island was… why it took us so long to visit one of the best Greek islands for couples, Milos!? The Cycladic Island will charm you, and it makes total sense. It hosts impressive natural landscapes, beautiful beaches, and a very friendly vibe from the locals. In this article, we have gathered information and insights on everything we liked, and we present you with some useful tips for a dream vacation in Milos.

Travel to Milos Island!


Cruise to Kleftiko and Sykia.

Take a boat trip to Kleftiko and Sykia.

Undoubtedly, the highlight of our trip was the boat tour to the inaccessible parts of the island. The reason is that all these places are incredibly beautiful and unique! We had a private boat tour with Skipper Milos: amazing guys and exceptional service! Our sunset tour began from Adamas and, after passing through many places and admiring the rock formations (which had weird shapes), we reached one of our favorite parts, Sykia Cave. Sykia is an open ceiling cave, a distinctive natural marvel that we were lucky enough to enjoy with our own eyes. That is another reason why Milos is one of the best Greek islands for couples! The entrance to the cave is small and sailing boats cannot enter (unless you are on a small boat or swim until the shore). Luckily, we had a speedboat so we took the opportunity for endless photos.

Our ride continued to the “pirate’s bay”, known as Kleftiko. The white volcanic rocks have been sculpted by the air and the sea, creating an extraordinary landscape. As you may imagine, it is the perfect spot for diving into the turquoise waters and the ideal place for snorkelling. When you find yourself in Milos, you should not miss those places. We ended our sunset tour at Kalogries beach. However, if you have more time, you might as well visit other places by boat, such as Provatas, Fyriplakas, Tsigrido and many more.

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Visit the fishermen’s villages, Klima and Mandrakia.

The first place we visited, upon reaching the island, was the village Klima, as this was where our accommodation was! (And it was an amazing place!) Once upon a time, the village used to be inhabited by fishermen , who had built their homes so that they could store their boats on the second floor. These colorful houses are called “Sirmata” and today most of them are available to tourists for rent. Klima is a great place to enjoy a breathtaking sunset. This sunset makes Milos one of the best Greek islands for couples (no doubt)! Mandrakia village has similar houses, equally beautiful and colorful. There is also a tavern called “Medusa”, with excellent food and incredible view.

Swim at the enchanting beaches of Milos.

Who is in for beach-hopping? The options are countless, considering the size of the island and, to be honest, we do not know where to start from… Ok, let’s start at the beginning! If you love sandy beaches, visit Pyrgopotamos and Plathiena, near the port of Adamas (10 minutes by car). Plathiena is a hotspot to enjoy a beautiful sunset, too.  On the other side of the island, famous sandy beaches are the Fyriplakas and Tsigrado beaches. Firiplaka is quite large and easily accessible.

Tsigrado, on the other hand, is a “= mission impossible”. To get to the beach, you will need to climb down a cliff, using a rope and a wobbly ladder. The beach is absolutely stunning, but if you can’t cope with that kind of missions, you’d better go to Fyriplakka. A famous beach, that we didn’t find that incredible, is Papfragas. It is worth a visit, but we wouldn’t stay for swimming. Sarakiniko – the most famous place – has an entire paragraph below dedicated to it. Milos has many beaches, some of which we did not manage to visit. Some recommendations from our local friends are Paliochori, Provatas and Achivadolimni. Most of the beaches are not organized, so if you are going to stay there for many hours, take all necessary supplies with you (water, snack, umbrellas, etc.). If you still don’t believe that Milos is one of the best Greek islands for couples, keep reading!

Admire the volcanic landscape in Sarakiniko.

Sarakiniko is the most popular part of Milos and the first thing that pops to your mind when you plan a holiday there: An extraordinary landscape of volcanic rocks, that makes you feel like you’ve landed on the moon! The actual beach is small and non-organised, and most of the people hang out at the rocks. We went early in the morning to beat the crowd and to take photos, but soon people started to gather. While it can be crowded during August, it remains an impressive and worthwhile place to visit. Sarakiniko was named after the Saracen pirates who used it as a hideout.

Go for diving! (Or learn how to dive)

In Milos, you will find all the shades of blue. Beyond the wonderful waters, Milos has an exciting seabed which is great for diving! Have you ever tried diving before? If not, this is your chance to learn, just like I did (Vasiliki speaking!). Our instructor, Maria-Loukia from Milos Scubaholics, was perfect for the job. Together with her brother, Michalis, they own one of the top diving centers in the Cyclades, and they are amazing! If you are an experienced diver, you will explore the best places along with those guys. I believe we have to go back for more daring dives!

Visit the catacombs and the ancient theater.

After covering the beach part, it is time for a short introduction to the historical part of Milos. We will start with the following impressive fact: The Catacombs of Milos are considered to be the second largest in Europe, after those of Rome. Impressive right? The Catacombs are an underground network with a length of 184 meters, while it is estimated that 8,000 Christians have been buried there. However, only a small part is open to the public. The entrance fee is 4 euros per person. Before arriving at the catacombs, you will also pass the point where the Aphrodite of Milos was discovered, a famous statue that is today exhibited at the Louvre Museum in Paris. Another site of archaeological and historical interest is the Ancient Theater, which is located in Tripiti and dates back to the 3rd century BC.

Take a stroll to the picturesque Plaka, Tripiti, and Adamas.

Plaka is the capital of Milos and one of the most scenic places on the island (and of course one more reason why Milos is considered to be one of the best Greek islands for couples). So, when you find yourself there, do not miss the chance to take a stroll to the picturesque alleys. It is worthwhile to catch the sunset, ideally at Kastro or at the church of Panagia Korfiatissa, and then enjoy a drink or a nice dinner. Tripiti is a 2-minute drive from Plaka and it is a quiet and picturesque village. Enjoy a coffee or a drink at “Remvi” café, overlooking the sea from afar. Adamas (the port) is the place where you will find all you need for shopping, food, and drink. Adamas is not as picturesque as the other two, but you can find everything. For dinner, we liked the “Mikros Apoplous” and for drinks the “Mikro” café.


In Milos, you can go from the port of Piraeus as well as by air. To book your ferry tickets easily and without extra charges, use From there you can also book your tickets for Kimolos.

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