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Boarding pass on social media? Don’t do it again!

Boarding pass on social media? Don’t do it again!

Although it is tempting to post a picture of your boarding pass on social media showing that you are one step away from the Caribbean islands, you must think again. You will be amazed how easily personal information can be gleaned from your flight details.

All your personal details can be easily dragged from your boarding pass.

Passenger name record (PNR)

PNR is a reservation code known as booking reference, which includes the route and the data of your whole trip. Your phone number, Email address, accommodation, who you travel with and your frequent flyer number. In order to get access on your booking or your web check in through the online system of an airline, you only need the PNR number, the last name and voila! Some countries require Advance Passenger Information (API) prior the departure. That means all the details of your passport or ID. Now imagine what a thief can do with these information. From canceling your whole trip to create a false document (worst case scenario but possible).

Ticket Number (E-TKT)

Apart from the PNR, someone can get access on your booking by the last name and the E-TKT. It is easy to see a full breakdown of the fare paid, the route, the date of purchase and the last four digits of your credit card. Someone could use this information to potentially cancel or change your flights. So, why would anybody want to take a risk?


If you believe that is just some black lines you might want to think again. There are several sites that can decode the data from your boarding pass barcode with a free access. Before your flight depart, if I have a photo of your boarding pass, then I can reprint it through the self-kiosks on the airport only with the barcode zoomed. So now I have free access to Duty free and other security zones of an airport. I might get an access at the airport lounge also! (difficult yes, impossible no).

Extra tips Internet is a big place, and you just don’t know what information found in the wrong hands could do.