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How to book a cheap flight

How to book a cheap flight

How important!

Finding a cheap flight is as important as finding your location or accommodation to travel. Many times you are finally choosing your location but when time comes for airplane ticket you are holding back because of the price. That doesn’t mean that will stop you from travelling anywhere. There is always a good deal out there! You just have to search for it.

Here are some tips:
Choose your travel date and destination

Before choosing the place, check for date of travel carefully. Don’t let a web site choose for you, the option is yours. Day of the week, year, upcoming holidays such as New Year’s Eve are reasons to prevent you from travelling. Airplane ticket fares vary depending the date.

If you want to book a cheap flight, you have to be flexible with your destination. If there is no specific reason for a place, check alternative destinations or airports. If you want a travel to UK for example there are plenty of airports like Luton, Gatwick, Stansted, Heathrow etc.(so many options also with low cost carriers). Your flight to Paris is expensive? You can save money from book a flight to Belgium and check for domestic flights to France. There is no formula for cheapest one way or round trip fares. Just check all the alternatives.

Search Engines for flights

With a closer look there is no perfect web engine.  There are websites that work with or are owned by airline companies. Sites that know more about you, whether you‘ve logged in or not, when you like to fly (An experiment showed that Mac users spend more on travel plan that PC users). There are websites that offers you a coupon or a senior discount if you are a loyal customer . The real question is ‘can you beat the algorithms?’ The truth is that no one can give you a good answer on how to book a cheap flight but we can provide with useful tips such:

  • Search on several sites. It’s important to check a few sites before you book, as you will often see variations in prices. You can also use airfare alert from a web site like skyscanner.
  • Clear your cookies or browse Incognito. Most of the information that e-commerce sites collect on you is from cookies. Then again, because some of these sites actually offer preferred pricing certain customers based on what they know about you, deleting cookies might actually hurt you.

Frequent flyer program

You wannabe a travel hacker? The motive is ‘Give it to me I’m worth it’. Frequent flyer Miles are one of the biggest forms of currency, more miles means more free flights or upgrades on business class. No matter how often you fly, you should be signed up for the airline’s reward program from your hub station. Get to know with the airline web site and partner offers, sign up for credit card that earns miles. Sign up to receive the airline’s email newsletters and grab the opportunity for high-value awards. There are a lot of other ways to earn miles even if you don’t travel very often.

  • Shop at partners shop
  • Watch for special offers
  • Travel insurance can give you extra miles.
  • You can put everything on the card, from bill accounts to Starbucks coffee.
  • A great tip is *If you have a bad customer service experience on a flight, write to customer relations. Some time in exchange they provide with extra miles in your card.

At the end of the day there is no need to be so loyal on airlines alliances unless you want to achieve the GOLD status. You pay more for a ticket just to benefit the status of your card but isn’t the redemption miles you want? So be flexible with your miles cards.

Extra tips Remember that in my opinion the biggest mistake we all make on how to book a cheap flight, is that you must know what you want to pay for a flight and not what you hope to pay. You must book it early but not too early and not too late.