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Check-In : Pandion boutique hotel & Suites

Check-In : Pandion boutique hotel & Suites

To our first winter gateway in Greece we chose Lake Plastira. Despite the cold, the sunny days allowed us to enjoy the beauty of this place and of course the warm hospitality of Pandion Boutique Hotel & Suites.


· Lake Plastira ·

The warmest Hotel!


About the Hotel

The hotel is located at the village Neochori, which is at Lake Plastira. It is surrounded by beautiful nature and incredible view. The main material of the Hotel is stone and wood, which fits perfectly with the landscape. Interesting info the name of the Hotel, which is from an ancient athlete of Olympic Games who was born in Thessaly. His name? Pandion (296 BC). If you are planning to visit this place from Athens keep in mind that is approximately 300 kilometers.


Τhe Chalet Pandion

The first thing you see when you enter the hotel is the reception and the warm chalet. We‘ve noticed the close attention to detail by the personnel and the luxury elements that are perfectly combined with the Greek traditional style. Of course the thing that stole our hearts was the fireplace! Enjoying a hot chocolate and cocooning near this stone fireplace was the ultimate relaxation for us. In front of the chalet there is also a big porch with ideal lake view.


The rooms

When we talk about hotel rooms there are some things unnegotiable for us, like the cleanness, the quality of the mattress and the overall décor.  Pandion Boutique Hotel & Suites offers much more than that. We really loved the balcony with the lake view in our room and the perfect mattress.  Some of the 16 rooms of the hotel offer fireplace for endless cocooning, Jacuzzi and even indoor personal sauna! Many choices to make from the standard double room to the executive and luxury suites. They take extra bonus for the Christmas tree in the room, because after all you want is to feel like home!

The breakfast

Enjoy your breakfast at the chalet with the great view of Lake Plastira once again. There is a bouffe with all kind of yummy delights. Besides the classic croissants, cake and coffee, we really enjoyed the traditional Greek flavors, like pies with spinach and cheese and homemade marmalades!


There is nothing better than a warm hospitality. Pandion Boutique Hotel & Suites knows how to pamper you and make you feel like home. So get ready for your gateway!

You can find rooms from 60 euros

We were guests at Pandion Boutique Hotel & Suites and this is a review based on our personal opinion and experience. We want to thank the hotel and the personnel for the warm hospitality!