Day trip to Elafonisi Beach. All you need to know!
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Day trip to Elafonisi Beach. All you need to know!

Day trip to Elafonisi Beach. All you need to know!

Elafonisi Beach is without question one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. So, when you find yourself in Crete Island, it is worth making a day trip to Elafonisi beach without any doubt. In this blog post, we will give you some insights & tips, and some useful information about this special beach.

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Elafonisi is located in the Prefecture of Chania. To be more specific it is located in the southern part of the prefecture. If you start your day trip to Elafonisi beach from the city of Chania, you will need about an hour and a half (75 km) to get there (driving). If you have already set up your base in the south, such as Paleochora Town, you will need about an hour. Another point of interest very close to Elafonisi beach (just 5 km) is the monastery of Chrysoskalitissa. Keep in mind that during high season, which is in the summer (June-August) you will encounter some traffic on the road, so you will probably need more time to get there.


What makes Elafonisi Beach so special?

Why you should take this day trip to Elafonisi Beach? The beach is world-famous and this means that especially during summer can be crowded. But we will talk about this later! The reason why so many people visit Elafonisi Beach is that it is unique. The beach is reminiscent of the Caribbean, as the sand is white with shades of pink from the broken shells and corals. Beyond that, Elafonisi beach is basically a lagoon, and you can find yourself walking somewhere between the sand the swallow water.

Good to know: It is forbidden to take sand with you from Elafonisi Beach. It is a protected area. But even if it wasn’t, don’t do it. Let this natural beauty be admired by future visitors.


Tips for a day trip to Elafonisi Beach.

Unfortunately, Elafonisi “loses” part of its charm during high season due to the huge volume of visitors. Like all the unique places around the world, Elafonisi Beach is quite popular. Our advice is if you want to really enjoy the lagoon, visit it on a sunny day in autumn-winter, or even late – early summer. All images in this article were taken on a sunny day in December! Not bad right? If you have no choice but to visit Elafonisi in the high season, prefer to go after 15.00, where many people start to leave. Also, we have to say that the sunset in Elafonisi is dreamy! So, if you have the chance do not miss it! The last tip, avoid weekends!



Last but not least…



Some more useful information about the day trip to Elafonisi Beach. There is a parking space near the beach, large enough and toilets. There are also two canteens, with sandwiches, snacks, and soft drinks. So, do not worry if you are not organized. There are of course sunbeds for those who want to rent!

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