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Discovering the charming Lake Plastira

Discovering the charming Lake Plastira

We have heard so much about Lake Plastira and it was one of the places we have never been. At least until recently! So when we had the chance, we didn’t miss it. It was our first road trip for this winter in Greece and we spent two adorable days in the Lake.

Visit Lake Plastira!


About the Lake Plastira

Charming place to come, enjoy and see during all seasons. Something that we didn’t know before our visit, is that Plastira Lake is an artificial Lake created in 1959. The Lake got its name from the Greek general and politician, Nikolas Plastira. The idea of the Lake came after the often heavy rainfalls and floods in the area. With a surface area of 24 Km2, it took us two and a half hours for the round trip with the car (we did a lot of stops though to capture the landscapes, we couldn’t resist!!).

How to go

It is found 325km away from Athens and the road trip will last approximately 4 hours by car (this is if you don’t stop in every picturesque bridge on the road for a shoot). Another way to go is to take the train from Athens until Karditsa city and then the bus (approximately 5,5 hours total)!

Villages at Lake Plastira

It was a nice surprise when we did the circle of the lake and visited the little villages around the lake. Guest houses, old monasteries and historic cliff side villages all around. A unique spectacle for all visitors. The weather was our ally because despite the cold the sun was shining. We stayed at Neochori village, which is small but famous! There are many cute guesthouses and hotels. We chose the beautiful Pandion Boutique Hotel & Suites.


Besides the beautiful scenery, Lake Plastira is ideal for many activities! All year long you can enjoy horse-riding, archery, climbing and during summer swimming. At the Pezoula plaz you can try canoe or hydro-biking. We tried this surreal bicycle and it was super fun! You find yourself in the middle of the lake watching the mountains and the magic landscape, what a feeling! Another interesting thing you can do at the Lake Plastira is to visit the dam!


Guilty as always.We ate a lot and we liked it! If you are a meat lover you should try lamb ribs. If you prefer the fish try fresh local trout from the lake! We went to the tavern “O Kelepouris”, where we ate yummy ribs and to the “Manitari”, which actually means mushroom and guess what? We ate great grilled mushrooms!

If you want to relax and enjoy the beautiful nature head to Lake Plastira. If you just have a weekend, don’t think it just do it!



3-4 DAYS