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Discovering the picturesque Cefalu, Sicily

Discovering the picturesque Cefalu, Sicily

Let your mind drift to one of the most beautiful destination in Sicily. If you travel to Sicily make sure you add the medieval city of Cefalu to your day trips list. Unique colors, Greek-Arab-Norman architectural character, Mediterranean crystal water and golden beaches. It feels like being on a real canvas.

We arrived in Cefalu by train from Palermo in less than an hour. The view from the train right before our approach to the city was captivating. The characteristic massive rock in the back of the city “Rocca di cefalu” and in front the old city literally touching the sea.

Travel to Cefalu!


So what you will find in Cefalu?!
Medieval alleys

Immerse yourself in the narrow Cobblestone alleys of Cefalu. Dating from at the 5th century BC. Walk around the city to discover ancient monuments and cathedrals, Sicilians playing the guitar inside their stores and neoclassical architecture houses with hanging laundries in the balconies.

The Cathedral church “Duomo di Cefalu”

We started the day wandering around the city with our caps , our umbrella and a rainy day ahead of us. I heard a sound from Vasiliki “Ohhh look”. It was the cathedral. One of the most interesting medieval buildings in Sicily. According to the legend, the Norman King Roger II was caught in a storm at sea and vowed to build a church if he was saved. So he starts to build the cathedral at 1131. The church reflects the various influences of Sicilian history – Norman, Latin, Greek and Arab. Free entrance for visitors.

Beach from cart postal

Although Cefalu is a destination for all seasons, a summer weekend will be adorable. Two beaches with the old city separating them. In the small beach you will see colored boats in the sand, which are too cute to handle. The longer big has the great view of the old houses.



Yummy Sicilian food

Italy and more specifically Sicily is well known for its cuisine. If you have read our article about Sicilian food you should try at least once in your lifetime you will understand. We found great food at restaurant “Galleria”. There are many restaurants to choose though. However, keep in mind that during winter many are closed, or work only night.

Church of Santo Stefano

Santo Stefano is one of the most beautiful churches in Cefalu. The façade is in baroque style, with a double staircase with iron balustrades. There are also flowers, which make piazza Giovanni even more intimate.





1-2 DAYS