Check-in: Emelisse Nature Resort in Kefalonia
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Check-in: Emelisse Nature Resort in Kefalonia

Check-in: Emelisse Nature Resort in Kefalonia

As soon as you arrive at Kefalonia, and more specifically at the cosmopolitan Fiskardo, you will find a place where everything seems to co-exist in harmony. A place that will make your vacation unforgettable. Emelisse Nature Resort has managed to combine the harmony of nature with luxury accommodation and privacy. In an idyllic spot, on the rocks, with unparalleled views, you can enjoy sunsets and dives in one of its impressive swimming pools overlooking the endless blue of the Ionian sea and the island of Lefkada and Ithaca. Looking for some relaxing moments, we found ourselves at Emelisse Nature Resort in Kefalonia and we share our experience!

Travel to Kefalonia Island!



We landed in Kefalonia, rented a car, and in about one hour and a quarter we were at the Emelisse Nature Resort. It is located just 3 minutes from Fiskardo village, which is the most cosmopolitan fishing village on the island! The truth is that we loved the area because is beautiful and close to famous places on the island, such as the beach of Myrtos but also more secret gems such as the beach of Eblysi which is located just below the Resort. Also, you can easily and quickly find yourself in Ithaca (and other surrounding gems), since Emelisse Nature Resort has a yachting service for excursions.




Emelisse Nature Resort in Kefalonia offers luxurious accommodation for all tastes. From executive double rooms to maisonettes, family apartments and suites to celebrate your most special moments. We stayed in one of the Junior Suites with a private shared pool (you share it with 2 other rooms). Our suite was spacious, overlooking the sea, which made it the right place for romantic moments and relaxation. The presence of green is intense, an element that perfectly matches the island and at the same time offers privacy and a sense of peace.



Experiences and services.

One of our favorite amenities at Emelisse Nature Resort was undoubtedly the swimming pools! The largest pool, where the pool bar is located, has an excellent view of the endless blue while its size allows you to enjoy your swim in peace. There is also a swimming pool suitable for children. However, if you want to ensure even more peace, the Resort also offers an adult-only pool next to the reception, also with great views. Among other things, Emelisse Nature Resort has a tennis court, spa, gym, and many more leisure services! If you are feeling very much in love, the place is ideal for your wedding, since events are organized and it also has a chapel.



What about the food?

Breakfast was another favorite moment! First of all, the main building, where the Reception is located and breakfast is offered, is very beautiful. Both the decoration and the fact that you can have your breakfast on its balcony which is full of greenery and overlooks the sea is enough. The breakfast itself was rich with homemade delicacies that changed every day, such as the delicious apple-walnut pie! If you decide to have your breakfast on the balcony there is a possibility you see some bees that gather because of the plants, but you do not need to worry because you can have your breakfast indoors. The Pool Bar also offers light snacks, coffee, and drinks. So you can spend all day there without starving! Emelisse Nature Resort also has a restaurant called “Votsalo”, which has one of the highest ratings on the island. However, due to the special conditions (COVID Era), we were not able to visit, since it opened 3 days after our departure.



Details we loved.


The aesthetics of Emelisse Nature Resort is unique, especially in public areas. It exudes in a special way of simplicity and luxury at the same time. The staff was extremely polite and willing to help you with any questions you may have, from where to go for dinner to which beach is suitable for your dives depending on your tastes. Finally, on the rocks just below the hotel, there is a place to enjoy swimming in the sea, but you can also enjoy a great sunset!




For more information, you can contact the hotel.


See more about our trip to Kefalonia on Instagram (highlights stories #Kefalonia).


We were guests at Emelisse Nature Resort, and this is a review based on our personal opinion and experience as always. We want to thank the hotel and the personnel for the warm hospitality!