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How to survive your first trip with a new Relationship

How to survive your first trip with a new Relationship

Travelling is a challenging thing, but so is a new relationship. Let’s say you just met a guy or a girl and you are dating for a while. Yes, you are having fun and now is time to travel together. Not a long haul trip, just a 3-4 days gateway. It is absolutely normal to be a little nervous. It is your first trip with a new Relationship and you are about to discover much more about the person next to you. Are you ready though?

Of course you are. Take a breath, simplify your thoughts and take some ideas how to survive and make this an enjoyable trip!

Discuss about the budget before the trip

This is always an uncomfortable conversation if you don’t know each other very well. We‘ve all been there. When there is significant income difference is even more difficult. You may be able to afford a 5 stars hotel, but your new partner may not. The easiest way is to be honest.

You don’t need to pressure things, just bring up the conversation.

Ask your new relationship how much he/she can contribute to this trip, or even better just say what you can afford and find a solution in the middle. We always though that is better to split the expenses. I paid dinner, you can pay for lunch, or movies. You paid for the hotel, I will pay the tickets. It doesn’t have to be the exact same amount. If you are able to offer more, just say it to your partner and if that doesn’t make them uncomfortable just do it. Don’t expect from the other to pay everything, even if they can.

Compromise to be both satisfied

You want to go to the natural history museum, but your other half wants to do a bike tour. Ok. You can actually do both. You may not enjoy that much a bike tour, or you may get bored to the museum but remember this is a trip for two. This is vital for the relationship. You will do somethings to make your partner happy, because in a way this makes you happy too, right?  And of course is the same for both sides. Don’t be antagonistic and too selfish.

The toilet issue

This actually is a huge subject (yes, it is) because it has to do with the level of intimacy and how prepared you are for this. We are humans, we do what we have to do. Especially when you travel you may not feeling comfortable with the toilet issue. The change of the environment, the different diet etc. Add to the list the fact that you travel with a new partner and your private time is limited. You are not ready for some levels of intimacy and this is not bad.

Again I believe the easiest way to survive is to be honest on a discreet way.

You want to stay on your own, to do what you have to do? Ask kindly from your partner if he/she wants to go for a walk, or stay at the balcony and read for a while. You get the message? They will too!

Keep away the negative thinking

When we do something for the first time we tend to think all the negative scenarios. Don’t. Don’t overthink, don’t assume that you will get bored, don’t be rush with your partner. Probably you are both nervous.

Keep in mind that this trip is to enjoy yourselves, not a test for your relationship (well, not just a test).

Extra tips There is a chance to discover something that you don’t like, but there is also a chance to discover something beautiful.