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First trip to India? Useful information you need to know

First trip to India? Useful information you need to know

Your first trip to India is going (without doubt) to be an adventure. In order to enjoy and make the most of your group is good to be prepared. The truth is that before our first trip to India we were a little worried about what we are going to see and whether we survive without any bad memories! Finally everything went well and India gained a place to our hearts. Below you can find some useful information about your first trip to India!

You need e-visa

A very important thing before you travel to India is to have the right visa. If you plan to go for vacatons under 30 days then you will probably need an e-visa (most of the nationalities but in any case check with their website). You will not need to go to an embassy because that kind of visa is electronic. You just go in their website and begin the process. When you get the e-visa, you just print it and have the copy with you. The best timing is 10 days before your departure. Keep in mind that you will need to answer many questions so be ready to spend some time.

You may need vaccination

The living conditions, the environment and the climate are different in India. Before you arrange your trip make a call or visit to the appropriate health department of your country and ask what kind of vaccination you will need. Probably they will make you some questions like which areas you are going to visit and where you are going to stay (in a hotel, local house etc). We did a vaccine for tetanus and we took pills for malaria.

Different lines for women and men at the security checks

In many airports in India and many sights you will notice that they do security checks. The interesting thing is that there are different lines for ladies and gentlemen. Moreover, the body check for women takes place in a booth. Even at the entrance of Taj Mahal there are different lines.


In many countries when you are served a tip is expected. In India is the same situation. Sometimes it was too obvious as they were actually waiting to tip. For some people it can be a little awkward but you will get used to it. In some restaurants and hotels a service fee is already included in the bill, so a tip is optional. Usually though you will need to tip, especially if you had a good service.


Indian people are very clever. You will not feel fear if you are cautious, but it is certain that you will meet someone that wants to sell something to you. Some people are so persuasive and persistent which will make it difficult to say no. When we were at the train station there were at least 4 people who tried to disorientate us and give us wrong information in order to sell as a service (like taxi ride). In any case you will get used to it and you will also meet people we truly want to help you. In any case trust your instinct.


The local currency is the Indian rupee (1 euro = 70 rupees). Big cities have plenty ATM but at the smallest ones it can be challenging. In many restaurants and hotels they accept credit cards, but in any case have some money on you for the basics and the tips.


At your first trip to India you will be at least shocked from the way they drive and from the noise of the horns. Add to all this the cows that walk free on the road. If you want to move in Delhi you can use Uber. We did ad it was really easy, helpful and cheap. Generally the transportation is cheap.

Extra tips If you want to take a short ride and you feel adventurous you can take a rickshaw. It is the best way to experience the craziness of Delhi roads. For bigger destinations you can use the train as we did, or the bus. More to come about the trains!