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Just an idea of what George ate in Singapore

Just an idea of what George ate in Singapore

George ate many things in Singapore. So did I, but this post is about him and the yummy food you can eat in Singapore (plus he is cuter than me when he eats).


A taste of Singapore delights!


Seafood at Clarke Quay

Funny story. The goal was to eat chilly crab that night but actually we didn’t have enough money with us. Yeah sometimes you need to be more organized when you leave the hotel room. So, I was a little cranky (I do that when I can’t eat what I want) but George was smiling and made jokes about the fact that we didn’t have money with us. After some counting we realized that we could buy a dish of shrimps with rice and a beer. So we did and these were some dam good shrimps.  Fresh and spiced with chilly and a crust from peanuts.


Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice at Maxwell Food Center

First time we heard about this specific dish was on a Tv show. After ten articles and some investigation (we take our food seriously) we decided to go and try it. Overall is a tender extra soft chicken but not that surprising I guess.  Maybe we had many expectations after all this investigation. Don’t take me wrong. We enjoyed eating it. We just didn’t felt going back to eat it again.


Kim Joo Guan BBQ pork slice

So as you imagine this is a slice of pork with bbq flavor. I don’t think we need words to describe it. Just eat it. Kim Joo Guan makes this delight and more yummy staff from pork since 1977. Best quality and fantastic taste.

P.S Buy some sesame pork floss and add it to your foods (like rice and sauces)



George you are busted! Fast food at 3 am.

Yeah, this normally shouldn’t be in a post for what you can eat in Singapore but let’s be honest. When you travel and you can’t sleep from the jet lag and you are hungry at 3 am, you do things like that. You end up at the first place (and probably the only one) that is open. Two burgers, some fries and a coca cola later we felt happy and guilty.


Dim Sum

While wandering in Chinatown we couldn’t resist to these white balls of dream. It took us about 5 seconds to stick our noses on the window with the flavors and order some of our favorites Dim Sum. These yummy balls came from Hong Kong in Singapore and are a favorite delight. There is something like categories for Dim Sum. In the picture George eats xiao long bau with pork. Basically steamed bun with a “blow your mind” filling of sweet-spicy pork.  I promise for more dim sum studying in the near future.