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How much does a trip to Cappadocia cost?

How much does a trip to Cappadocia cost?

Cappadocia is a destination with special landscapes and history and is also quite popular, especially in recent years. A reasonable question (and concern) of potential visitors is How much does a trip to Cappadocia cost? Especially for a couple like us, but also how much it can cost depending on the extra activities and hotel options.

Disclaimer: It is a fairly feasible trip in terms of finances! (Keep reading)

Cappadocia Travel Cost!


Cost of flights to Cappadocia.

Assuming you start this journey from any EU country, the options are relatively few. You will go to Cappadocia via Istanbul. At this point to avoid any confusion, Cappadocia is a region of Turkey. Just saying ..! The airlines that fly are essentially 3 and the average cost for a round trip Athens – Caesarea (Kayseri Airport) is from 160-240 euros. This way you will go more easily and comfortably to Cappadocia. Of course, you can also go by bus from Turkey to Cappadocia at a cost of 10-20 euros one-way route, but it is quite a hassle since the bus takes about 12 hours. But if you are on a very low budget it is an option.

Accommodation Costs.

Another crucial factor in answering the question “How much does a trip to Cappadocia cost” is the cost of accommodation. The good news is that you have several options for all budgets. Although Cappadocia attracts many tourists every year remains relatively value for money. For 40 euros a night you can stay in a very nice and comfortable cave room with breakfast in the village of Goreme. This is an average price of course as prices start at 15-20euro per night if you go on a budget. In our opinion cave rooms worth every penny. Of course, there is also the most luxurious accommodation like the cave suites with a pool which are also famous on Instagram and the cost goes up to 100-150 euros per night on average.

Cost of activities.

How much does a trip to Cappadocia cost, will depend on this paragraph. What tours you will buy! By far the most famous and adventurous activity is the balloon ride, which for many is the only reason to visit Cappadocia. The cost for a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia (usually at dawn) is about 150-200 euros per person. If you exclude the cost of this activity, the rest are much more budget-friendly. You can make a group trip to the points of interest (underground cities, Red valley, etc.) that cost about 35-45 euros (6-8 hours duration) and are very interesting. Another option for these tours is to rent a car and make your own program. The first time we rented a car for 25-30 euros per day, while the second time we did two organized excursions with a local guide.


Cost of food.

The cost of food in Cappadocia seemed quite low since with 15 euros per couple you ate comfortably. There are more expensive restaurants but even in these, the cost does not exceed 20-30euro per person. A dish quite economical and ideal even for vegetarians is manti (a traditional type of local spaghetti). Do not miss the famous Kebap and especially the pottery kebab. However, with 20 euros, two people eat more than well!




So to answer How much does a trip to Cappadocia cost? An average budget that includes airfare, mid-range accommodation, hot air balloon rides, and food, the total cost will be around 650-750 euros. If you want to reduce the budget a lot you can skip the balloon ride (which is really worth it), and stay in a very economical room (there are decent and budget-friendly.




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