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How much does a trip to Peru cost?

How much does a trip to Peru cost?

Peru is for many people a dream trip of a lifetime. One of the most popular countries to visit in Latin America! Of course, what concerns the majority of travelers is the cost. And we will analyze this below. How much does a trip to Peru cost always based on our experience? Take out paper and pen and start the calculation.

Let’s make it affordable!


Airline tickets, what, where and how much?

For the majority, this is probably the number one cost in order to choose a destination you would like to visit. For Latin America, and therefore for Peru, airline tickets are not cheap in most cases. At least not as much as in other regions with similar distances such as Asia. Of course, this does not mean that you have to skip the destination. there are always some options. If you search intensively you can find some good breakthroughs. An average price with good flight responses is around 700 euros (roundtrip) including 1 stopover each way. The two main hubs for a direct flight, if you start from an EU country, are Paris (Air France) and Amsterdam (KLM). There is also the option of Madrid of course where you usually find better prices but not so good response and you might need a night stop but is again an option if find a cheap ticket price.



How much does the accommodation cost?

The second factor that determines how much does a trip to Peru cost is of course the accommodation. Also, because logic says that in Peru you will go for several days and not three or four days the accommodation will be a calculated cost. In Peru, you can find accommodation for all budgets. In Lima, we stayed in a decent Bed & Breakfast for about 50 euros per night for a double room (including breakfast) in the Miraflores area. In Cusco, we gave a similar price for decent accommodation, hotel this time, in the city center. Finally, in Iquitos where we flew from Lima to visit the Amazon, the prices were cheaper by spending half the amount on accommodation since the area does not attract so much tourism. So if we assume that you will spend 12 days in Peru with an average cost of accommodation of 50 euros you will need 600 euros for a couple. However, there is also the case that some stays are included in excursions that you will make. We analyze them all below!



Activities and excursions.

All right so far, Peru is not an expensive country, you find good prices on accommodation and food and somehow you get by airfares. However, How much does a trip to Peru cost, will depend on the activities and excursions you make. Depending of course on how far you go with your self. For example, we did the Inka Trail to get to Machu Picchu which costs around 600 euros per person (all-in). It lasted 5 days, where we stayed in tents (camping) since there are no accommodations on the path through the Andes mountains. Apart from this trek, there are other smaller and bigger ones in duration and difficulty and other costs of course. Even if you do not do a trek and visit Machu Picchu by train you will need about 200 euros per person (entrance, train, etc.). Respectively, the 4-day excursion we did on the Amazon costs around 370 euros depending on the type of trip you will choose. But would that trip to Peru be the same without these experiences? No! These two excursions were the highlights of our trip to Peru. So before you start “cutting” from the Tours, think again.


Food, transportation, etc.

Peruvians have a fascinating cuisine, and we may not have fallen in love with it like the cuisine in Mexico, but we left Peru quite satisfied both in terms of taste and in terms of economy. As in accommodation so in the food you find something for all wallets. You can share the cost of food by eating Peruvian fast food, such as at “La Lucha Sangucheria Criolla”, where a hearty chicharrones sandwich costs around 3,5 euros. Don’t forget to visit a “special” restaurant such as “Amaz In Lima, where dinner for two costs around 60 euros. The cost of moving around the city is normal. There is Uber and although in Cusco we had some difficulties, its prices were quite good.




We hope the above gives you an idea of how much does a trip to Peru cost. Proper planning and prioritizing what you want to do most and what you can compromise on will help you better control your budget.

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