Check-in: Hotel Húsafell, where luxury meets natural beauty
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Check-in: Hotel Húsafell, where luxury meets natural beauty

Check-in: Hotel Húsafell, where luxury meets natural beauty

Iceland is the ultimate destination for nature lovers. You just can’t get enough of the amazing landscapes. From waterfalls to volcanoes, you’ll find them all in the land of fire and ice. As part of our road trip, we spent three nights at  Húsafell  Hotel, a proud member of National Geographic Unique Lodges. It is located in the western part of Iceland, slightly distant from the lively parts of the country. The result is privacy, unmatched nature and opportunities to see the northern lights (especially if you go in the winter).

Let’s go to Iceland!


Our arrival at Hotel Húsafell.


We spent our first days in Iceland on the South Coast. So it took us about 5 hours to reach the west side and the Húsafell Hotel. However, Reykjavik is only 1.5 hours’ drive. The fact that we visited Iceland in the winter also meant that we didn’t have enough hours of daylight. By 5 o’clock in the afternoon, it was already night. So when we arrived at the hotel in the afternoon it was already night. Having driven long enough all day,  we quickly made our check-in and went to our room to relax. The first image we had of the hotel was minimalism at its best. After all, it wouldn’t fit anything else in a landscape like Iceland!

Breakfast and hit the road.


In the morning we woke up late at 09.00 (yes, it’s late for us!). There was no reason to wake up earlier because, during winter season in Iceland, the daylight is around five hours. So it starts to dawn at 10.00 and overnight at 16.00. The breakfast area (and dining area) is surrounded by glass, so we could slowly see the dawn as we enjoyed our breakfast. At the buffet, there was everything you need, from hot cuts to sausages, nuts, yogurt and a machine for making pancakes. There we also tried Cod Liver Oil. The cod liver oil is known for its benefits, especially O 3 fat. So after we drank our hot coffee we started our hike around.


The highlights of the area.


The Husafell area is ideal for nature lovers. Mountains, glaciers, and waterfalls are just some of the highlights of the area. The most impressive waterfalls are the Hraunfossar. This is a series of waterfalls, just 5 minutes from the hotel! Another waterfall worth a visit next to Hraunfossar is Barnafoss. Its “fabulous” name is “Waterfall of the children”. The story says that two children from a nearby farm fell and drowned in the river after crossing a natural bridge over the waterfall. Another interesting point in the area is the 1600-meter-long Vidgelmir Cave, considered a marvel of nature. We were also very lucky as the Hotel just opened for the first time the Canyon Baths, natural springs in the middle of a canyon, as we went. Highly impressive scenery and experience that you can ‘book’ through the hotel.


Our room at Hotel Húsafell.


The hotel has 48 rooms, 39 of which are standard rooms, 7 deluxe, 1 superior deluxe and one suite. We stayed in a standard room, which had all the comforts. It was 22 sqm, perfect for couples, with beautifully simple decor, and had all the extra amenities like bathrobes, slippers, kettle and coffee maker. The glass window gave us a beautiful view of the outside courtyard, an ideal setting to enjoy our afternoon coffee in the room. Hotel Húsafell also has a wake-up service if the northern lights appear! After all, you have very good chances in that area.


The restaurant.


Perhaps the highlight of our stay was our dinner at the Hotel Húsafell’s restaurant. The dining room is the same area with the breakfast, which is quite hot as it has a fireplace, but what made it stand out in our minds was the food and the staff. We took two entry courses, two main, one dessert and two glasses of wine. The prices are slightly pinched, but it was well worth the last euro. Our favorite dish, without wanting to reduce the rest, was the entry course, which was seafood soup. The flavors were crisp and the texture was top-notch. It was one of the most delicious dishes we have ever eaten! For main course, we had lamb and veal which was also delicious, with the lamb stealing the show a little more.



Ending, our stay at Hotel Húsafell was yet another stone that made our trip to Iceland one of our favorites!Note: At Hotel Húsafell we were guests and this is a review based on our personal experience and point of view. We thank all the staff for the genuine and attentive reception and accommodation.


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