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Discovering Kamnik, the secret gem of Slovenia.

Discovering Kamnik, the secret gem of Slovenia.

When someone starts a conversation about Slovenia, the first things that come in mind are Ljubljana, and perhaps Bled – because of the famous lake. The truth is that Slovenia hosts many hidden gems, one of which is Kamnik! Just a 25-minute drive from Ljubljana is a nearby gateway to the Slovenian nature. We went by car but there is a bus and train connection too, so the access is quite easy. So join us, and let’s discover Kamnik!

Discovering Kamnik!


A historical glance.

Kamnik is one of the oldest cities in Slovenia since the first reports about this place start in the 11th century. The architecture of the city center is evident from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Certainly much has happened since then! One major historical event was the Second World War and the dissolution of Yugoslavia in three states, Serbia, Slovenia, and Croatia. In fact, when you arrive in Kamnik, you will see some of the characteristic monuments surrounding the mass grave of soldiers and citizens who were murdered in May 1945. Today Kamnik is a picturesque town in the shadow of the “Slovenian Alps”.


Visit Velika Planina.

As we mentioned before, the area around Kamnik hosts impressive nature. One of our favorite spots, (even though the weather was not on our side), was the Velika valley, or else the “Big Mountain”. We went there with our guide, Greg who gave us great information and accompanied us. We followed Greg and with his car, we drove about 10-15 minutes to the mountain. Pine trees with all the shades of green adorned the mountain! We parked the car and walked about 20 minutes to the herdsmen’s settlement. Shepherds with their cows go up in the mountain during summer and spend some months there.


The landscape is impressive and although we went there in May (you can find cows there from June) our visit was very interesting. Being on the mountain for some time and because it was raining, we stopped to rest and eat. The shelter that we stopped had rooms, a restaurant, and warmth. We were lucky enough to try local dishes, such as Kamnik’s sausage, buckwheat with pork fat, and roasted cabbage and meat. It was the perfect spot to “refuel” and continue for our next stop, the Kamniska Bistrica valley.

Extra info: To visit Velika Planina, you can also use the cable car that operates during summer.

Visit the Kamniska Bistrica valley.

Trekker’s paradise is somewhere between the Slovenian Alps in the Kamniska Bistrica valley near Kamnik. Waterfalls, gorges, river, and endless green! Although the weather was not on our side, we did not want to miss the beautiful mountain, so along with our guide Greg we went to the point where the Kamniška Bistrica River basically starts in the Predaselj gorge. With just a 5-minute walk you will find yourself in magical scenery and you will be impressed with the crystal blue water. And guess what? We were lucky because we had the whole place to ourselves. A point that is undoubtedly worth visiting!


Our stay at Terme Snovik.


After our walk in the city and the valleys, the best thing to do is relax. Terme Snovik is set in an idyllic spot in the Tuhinj valley in the green and offers alpine-style apartments. What, however, is best known for is its thermal spa. During the summer months, there is also an outdoor swimming pool with slides! If you only want to visit the thermal spa and not to stay there, it is possible with a fee. The hotel is ideal for any kind of wellness treatments.


More about the accommodation:

If you want to arrange an excursion with our guide Greg contact here:

Note: This trip was conducted in cooperation with Visit Ljubljana and this article is based on our personal experience and view as always.

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