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2nd honeymoon in the Maldives! Check-in: Kurumba Maldives

2nd honeymoon in the Maldives! Check-in: Kurumba Maldives

After our trip to Peru, which was full of adventures and action, we needed some relaxation. Of course, we didn’t intend to stay home, so we packed for our second honeymoon in the Maldives, the smallest Asian state! A gateway that filled us with exotic images and feelings. So somehow a Saturday morning we found ourselves to check in at Kurumba Maldives. The hotel, which we would be our home for the next few days and which offered us the moments we longed for.



Our arrival at Kurumba Maldives.


We arrived at Malé airport in the morning and met the hotel representative on arrivals, who led us to the speed boat that would take us to the hotel. Within 10 minutes we arrived at the pier where the Kurumba team welcomed us with a smile, coconut sorbet, and cold hand towels. At this moment we realized that we are at the ideal place, especially when you want to have a memorable honeymoon in the Maldives! We finished our check-in and hopped on a buggy that took us to the room to relax. Before our arrival at the room we passed through some gardens that were in front of the bungalows, and we were looking forward to seeing the beach too!


Our room and mainly … our bathroom!


Kurumba Maldives has eight room categories to fulfill all tastes and budgets! We stayed in a Deluxe Bungalow just 10 meters from the beach. We went into the room and left the suitcases, and as always we started to “discover” our spacious room (74sqm). The highlight of our room was undoubtedly the bathroom! The kind of bathroom that you would like to have at home. Open-air with a bathtub, outdoor shower but also indoor for those who may prefer it.  We will never forget the evening shower we had one day with the view of the moon (almost full moon) after a night swim in the sea. Anything you need was already in the room — even slippers, bags and beach towels. When you find yourself in the Maldives, all you need is a swimsuit and two clothes for your evening walks. If this is not relaxation then what is?! Beyond the spacious room, there was also an outdoor patio where you could sit and relax while gazing at the sea.




The island (the atoll) and its history!


How to spend a 2nd honeymoon in the Maldives? With plenty of dives in the sea, good food, and relaxation. That’s what we did. Kurumba is located on a private island, and only the hotel with its facilities is hosted there. It is a relatively small island that you can walk on foot in about 15 minutes. However, it has all you need! Of course, you will enjoy the tremendous turquoise beaches with white sand and coconut trees. But what is particularly impressive with Kurumba is that it was the first resort on a private island that opened in the Maldives in 1972. At that time there was no infrastructure and tourism, only fishermen!



The flavours of Maldives- something we did not expect!


A very common question is what do you eat in a resort on an Indian Ocean Atoll? The answer is whatever your appetite draws! Kurumba has eight restaurants with various cuisines, such as Indian and Thai. The highlight for us though was the Thila restaurant, which is an award-winning seafood restaurant at Kurumba Maldives. We had a terrific dinner in a beautiful setting with fresh seafood, such as tartar tuna. Of course, the buffet at Vihamanaa was also a surprise, mainly because it had a great variety. Most of the products in the Maldives are imported,  which makes sense if you consider the location. If you want to eat fresh & local products, focus on seafood and coconuts!





So, after you relax, which is obligatory when you find yourself on a 2nd honeymoon in the Maldives, it will be time to try also some activities. You should try snorkeling or for the more experienced diving. The seabed of the Maldives is like the ones you see in Jacques Cousteau’s documentary! Strange fish, with big noses and incredible colors. We also saw sharks that, as we’ve learned, are harmless. There are other activities too such as kayak and various tours like the dolphin sunset tour that we did and guess what?! We were lucky enough since we saw dolphins! If you want to go back to relaxation mode, you should take a massage at the Veli Spa. We enjoyed a massage for two, and we fall asleep (too relaxed). After the massage, there is a specially designed room to enjoy your tea. As our English selves would say… splendid!


Pros & Cons

The Pros of Kurumba Maldives are a lot, as you have understood from this blog post. However, the thing that truly makes the difference is the family spirit and the pleasant feeling that the staff offers you. All this great energy! You can hardly find such an authentic feel in a luxury 5-star resort. And believe us we have enough experience to recognize when this family atmosphere is natural and when it is fake. The primary issue that you should take into consideration if you decide to visit Kurumba is the location. The resort is close to Male (10 minutes by speed boat), which means that from some points you can see the buildings of Male (from a distance of course). Also, you can see and sometimes hear the airplanes from the airport. We are aviation junkies, so actually, we enjoyed watching now and then the planes (which do not fly late at night)! So, if you have fantasized vacation with absolute isolation, this might not be the perfect fit for you. If you do not mind, or if you are in a short gateway like us, it is ideal that after a long flight you arrive so shortly at the resort. Those who have little children will appreciate the proximity to Male because in just 10 minutes you can be at a hospital in case of a medical emergency.



Another positive thing to note is that the hotel has a lounge on site for guests whose flight is later than the check-out time. So, if you check out at 12 but your flight is at 8 p.m., you can stay around and relax at the lounge before you take the speed boat to the airport. We found it excellent because we also needed to use it for 2 hours! Although we initially went to the Maldives without great claims, we both found ourselves thinking when we will come back. That says it all!



For more information, you can contact the hotel.

Website: http://www.kurumba.com/

See more about our trip to the Maldives on Instagram (highlights stories #Maldives).


We were guests at Kurumba Maldives, and this is a review based on our personal opinion and experience as always. We want to thank the hotel and the personnel for the warm hospitality!