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Is the Maldives worth visiting?

Is the Maldives worth visiting?

The Maldives is one of the most popular destinations for honeymooners from all over the world. However, many potential travellers wonder “is the Maldives worth visiting”?  because – let’s face it – it is a quite expensive destination. In the Maldives, you will find the most expensive 5-star hotels (and probably the most impressive ones too!)! So, the real question is if a trip to the Maldives is worth the cost. Before our visit, we had heard various and often conflicting views from people who had already visited the Maldives. Some visitors claimed that it was the absolute paradise, while others had mixed feelings about it, mainly because it was not a value-for-money destination. The truth is that the Maldives is a paradise on earth, but the prices can be out of this world. So in this post, we are giving tips on how you can save money to make a value-for-money trip to the Maldives.



Transportation: Seaplane or Speedboat?

To reach the Maldives, you will get an International flight to Malé airport, which is located on the main island. There is one factor that will have a significant impact on your budget and will help us answer if the Maldives is worthwhile. That is whether you will need a seaplane or a speedboat to reach your resort from Malé. Typically, what determines what you will need is the distance from the airport. Some resorts offer both options, however, the difference in transportation costs can be huge! If your resort is close to Malé (15-20 minutes) by speedboat, the price will be about 150 dollars. If you need a seaplane (30-45 minutes flight), the cost can go up to 500 euros per person. So, if you want to restrict your budget and make your trip to the Maldives worth the cost, choose a hotel near Malé (like the Kurumba Maldives that we stayed at).  Keep in mind that if you have an evening arrival at Malé Airport and you have made a seaplane arrangement, you will have to stay overnight in Malé, as there is daylight limitation for the seaplanes.

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All-inclusive or Bed & Breakfast?

For many – undoubtedly for us – food is one of the factors that determine a destination’s appeal. It is also a factor that determines the cost of a trip, especially in remote places, where there are limited options. The majority of resorts in the Maldives have several restaurants with different types of cuisines, so you will have a variety of options. However, the food in the resort can be quite expensive, since the majority of the products are imported. The truth is that you cannot leave the atoll and go to Malé for a budget-friendly meal, so you have choices to make. Unless, of course, you are willing to go to the Maldives and be hungry! All-inclusive or full-board packages are more value for money than breakfast-only options; Believe us, you will end up eating at the resort’s à la carte restaurants and the cost will be much higher than an all-inclusive package. To conclude, the best option, in our opinion, is to know the cost beforehand and enjoy a stress-free vacation.

Accommodation: Overwater Villa or Beach Bungalow

Have you seen the photos of the overwater villas in the Maldives and gone crazy? We feel you! If this is your dream, do not compromise. But if you are willing to take a step back, you will undoubtedly save a lot of money. Is the Maldives worth visiting, even if you cannot stay at an overwater villa? Yes! An overwater villa costs double the price of a beach bungalow. And just between us, the Maldives has lovely beaches with white sand! The truth is we did not stay in an overwater villa – we went for the beach bungalow – so we cannot tell you for sure if it’s such an incredible experience. For some people, the Maldives is worthwhile only if you stay in an overwater villa. If you are one of them, do not discount your dreams.


The cost of the activities cannot be easily controlled. If you just want to relax, do sunbathing and read books, well, you will be ok. But if you’re going to do water sports, diving, etc., then get ready to do some more spending. A worthwhile thing to do in the Maldives is snorkeling, as the bottom is just amazing. However, most resorts offer the equipment for rent(mask and flippers),  for around 20-25 euros per day. Before the visit, check at the hotel’s website or ask if the snorkeling equipment is of extra charge. If it’s for free – congrats! – you got yourself a free activity; If it isn’t, you should consider taking yours. Of course, if you are going to snorkel just once, the cost is not that high, but if you are planning to snorkel every day, you will probably need to bring yours.

The bottom line: Is the Maldives worth visiting?

Yes, it is worth it. It is a stunning and unique destination, which also offers incredible services. Surely, the cost does not reflect the quality, but with the above tips, you can make it  a value for money trip. Last but not least advice: you do not have to stay for many days. How many days are enough in the Maldives? We would say that 4-5 days on an atoll doing nothing is enough. You can also combine your trip with a more budget-friendly destination nearby, such as Sri Lanka. So, do you feel ready for the Maldives?!

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