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Marrakech travellers tips

Marrakech travellers tips

Just a few things you need to know!


Get lost, is part of the experience!

There is a phrase “If you can’t avoid something, at least enjoy it”. When you find yourself in Medina of Marrakech you will get lost. Too many little roads, too many souks too many people, donkeys and motorbikes. Even if you consider yourself an expert of orientation this will probably happen. Don’t worry! Put some marks, like a specific door or shop in order to help yourself. Also, ask your Riad manager to provide you with a map of the souks.

Stay in a Riad

If you want to experience the truly Marrakech stay at a traditional Riad. This Moroccan houses have an interior courtyard with a small garden or fountain and a few rooms. We strongly recommend to choose a room at a Riad. There are many options on!


Get ready for the heat

Morocco is hot. Especially from July to September. If you decide to visit it during these months prepare for the heat. Use sun cream, wear a hat and drink bottled water. During midday avoid walking around.




Dress appropriately (especially woman)

When in big cities in Morocco you probably can wear whatever and you will see tourist wearing miniskirts etc but this doesn’t mean that you want to do it or is absolutely ok to do it. I mean yes probably no one would say anything, but you will get more looks and most important is polite to respect their culture and their religion. You don’t need to cover everything but prefer a trouser and a t-shirt from a mini dress.

Avoid to follow young men for directions

As we said before you will probably get lost and that’s part of the experience. A tip our Riad manager gave us when we asked him what to do in a case like this it was to avoid young men who are willing to give us directions and prefer shop owners or woman. The reason why is that there is a high chance they lead you to a place to buy staff and not to your final destination.

Get used to haggle

Some people like me (Vasiliki) are just incapable of haggling. We get that look of embarrassment and we just don’t know what to do with ourselves and the other person who tries to sell us the whole shop. There are some other people like George who can haggle again and again until they got what they want. Be that person. It is expected. If you see that your haggling doesn’t take you near the price you want politely say “no” and go on.

Arrange airport transportation

Before you arrive to Morocco send an e-mail to your hotel and request airport transportation. Some hotels have this service for free but most of them will charge you. When you arrive to the airport someone will wait for you and you will avoid all these people at the taxi station and outside the airport. They insist and is not always a nice experience. In any case before you get a taxi for anywhere agree the price before you get in.

Arrange a tour while in Marrakech

There are many options for tours and excursions and it really worth’s to take one if you stay 4-5 days at Marrakech. There are many tour operators. You can ask at your Riad if they cooperate with an office they trust. We chose the 3 valleys excursion which included part of the Atlas Mountains, Ourika valley and Oukaimeden valley. We had a guide and a driver (sometimes is the same person), a 4X4 with air condition and we spent approximately 8 hours at the beautiful sceneries around Marrakech. All that costed 100 euros for 2 person (without food) which was a good deal.



5-7 DAYS