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Nafplio : A Romantic gateway

Nafplio : A Romantic gateway

Nafplio is a well-known getaway for the citizens of Athens because is close to the capital and basically is a little scenic paradise for romantics, dreamers and seekers. If you are a history lover – interesting info, Nafplio was the first capital of Greece! We love Nafplio because besides the fact that we are helpless romantics the people are gentle and the old town is just a small piece of charm.


· A little scenic paradise for romantics, dreamers and seekers ·

Visit Nafplio!


So if you find yourself there don’t forget to:
Visit the old town


The old town of Nafplio city is the place you need to be. Old neoclassic houses most of them renovated, with beautiful little balconies and small paved alleys.




Go to the castles

There are also castles! Yes, that is right. Not one, but two. One in the sea, small distance from the coast called Bourtzi and a second one on the top of the hill called Palamidi. To access Bourtzi you will need approximately 10 minutes by boat. Now if you want to reach the top of the hill and visit Palamdi, you need to be ready for some sweat as there are 999 steps. Don’t worry, you can take a break between and keep in mind the view really worth it (and some exercise while on vacations won’t be bad).


Eat yummy food

After the exercise you need some energy so let’s talk about food. Nafplio is a small town with great places to eat and an interesting variety for its size. Name it and taste it. Forgot to say that Nafplio has great places for ice-cream too!




Drink a cocktail and watch the sunset

So, after you eat your lunch and dessert walk a little at the beautiful alleys and take a sit for a cocktail while watching the sunset. Ask for recommendations!





Sleep to a B&B

When the night comes relax at your charming B&B, give a goodnight kiss and dream. There are great little B&B in the old town with small charming balconies and yummy breakfast. We definitely recommend “Naflio 1841” and “Aetoma”.





Go for a swim or a cruise (or both!)

Go for a swim to the beach and do sea-kayak. If you live at the old town, Arvanita beach is near by foot under the Palamidi castle. Otherwise go to Tolo beach which is ideal for families and watersport lovers.If you have time take a cruise to Argolic gulf.




What to eat

It is always a good time to talk about food. Literally ,any time. So, let’s answer the first question. What to eat. If you are in Greece and it’s sunny and you can almost touch the sea, eat some seafood.Some fresh grilled calagmari, lobster, little “marida”fish which can be eaten like chips, greek salad with tomato, cucumber and feta cheese. Now if you like something more traditional, there is always the classic mousaka, or gemista which is stuffed tomatoes and peppers with rice and spices. Nafplio though has it’s won specialties, like mpogana, which is milk lamb with potatoes in a pot baked for hours and gkogkes, which is basically home made pasta with local cheese.


…and where

If your apetite says fish, Arapakos tavern is a good choice by the sea. If you wish Italian cuisine for something quicky Popeye bistro is nice and value for money. Now for a more fancy dinner and a nice cocktail go to 3Sixty cafe and wine bar. Don’t forget to check the dish of the day and ask for recommendations!






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