Palaiochora Chania. What to do!
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Palaiochora Chania. What to do!

Palaiochora Chania. What to do!

At the southern tip of Crete, one hour drive from Chania is one of our favorite places in the world. Palaiochora, or otherwise the “nymph of the Libyan”! A small town, endowed by nature that should become your next summer destination. Below you will read why you should visit Palaiochora and what to do.

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Endless beach choices

Do you like sandy beaches or do you prefer pebbles? Do you prefer organized or unorganized? In Palaiochora Chania you will find everything. In addition to the variety, Palaiochora is located on a peninsula, so you will find a beach in every corner. You can find beaches in the city too! The one is large with golden sand, organized but also with space to relax freely. There is also a part suitable for nudists. You will enjoy romantic sunsets, water sports, and golden sand. The second beach is located on the east side of the city and has thick pebbles. It is an organized beach with space for independent swimmers too.


Of course, there are excellent beaches just outside of Palaiochora Chania, just a 5-10 minutes’ drive. Gialiskari is very famous and beloved. The road to get there is a dirt road, but passable. In fact, Gialiskari is not one but three beaches! There are two canteens and umbrellas for those looking for organized situations, but there is plenty of space for independent hikers. Other beaches that are worth your visit are Psilos Volakas, Krios, and Grammeno. It is worth mentioning that about an hour’s drive from Palaiochora is the famous Elafonisi and Kedrodassos.

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In Palaiochora Chania, you will drink the best cocktails.

Paleochora Chania may be a quiet town but it has great bars to enjoy your drink. One of the most noteworthy cocktail bars is “Agios” (which in English means “saint”). Located at a strategic point in the city center, you will find yourself “drinking with the saints”! From classic teased, such as flavored mojito, to bubblegum and spicy mango, you will be impressed by the variety of cocktails, the flavors but also the service. Apart from “Agios”, there are of course plenty of other places that offer nice coffee, drinks, food and crepes. Some of them are “Livikon”, “Lyri tis papias” and “o Foinikas”, each of which has its own highlight!


Palaiochora is trekkers’ paradise.

If you are a nature lover, in Paleochora Chania you will feel fulfilled. Endless walking paths, with wonderful routes and vegetation waiting to be discovered. An easy and beautiful route is from Paleochora to the village of Anidri: you cross the gorge of Anidri, and after a slight uphill walk, you reach the village. You will need about an hour. Another interesting path (this one is not accessible by road) is from Palaiochora to ancient Lissos. The route is in nature, but you will need to be in a good physical condition, as it is 11 km long. Anyhow, ancient Lissos will reward you! There is also a nice path to the village of Azogyre. Of course, the list goes on…

The best food in Paleochora.

In Crete you will eat well! In Paleochora Chania, you will eat more than well! Traditional delights like “kaltsounia” with cheese, snails, greens and fragrant tomatoes, they are all perfectly accompanied by raki. For more special and teased flavors, you should go to the “Kafenio STO Scolio” in Anidri. The old school of the village has been transformed into a beautiful courtyard in nature, with a beautiful sea view. You will taste original salads, tasteful appetizers, such as dates wrapped in bacon and tart with leeks and plums. You will feel satisfied with the traditional “tsigariasto” or pork with tangerine, and at the end you will enjoy chocolate brownies or cheesecake. In the town of Palaiochora, go to “Methexis, Pasifaei” for more gourmet dishes, to “Lyri tis Papias” for crepes and “rakomeze” and to patisserie “Karakatsani” for waffles with ice cream.

Peace of mind.

If you want to find your peace, to calm your soul, to relax, then Paleochora Chania is the perfect place. Here you will walk around in flip flops, without make up and without second thoughts. If you want to be close to nature, go straight to Anhidri village. Just a 5-minute drive from the city, right after the gorge, you will find “Villa Christina”. Our Airbnb house! Spacious, with a garden and a large terrace for carefree daydreaming. Alternatively, a few meters after the village of Anidri, you will find “Christos Place Villas”, independent villas in the Cretan nature. If you want to stay in the city there many options for different budgets.


Add to all the above the great prices and the hospitality! Ready for Palaiochora ?!

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