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Our Paradise in Bali is called Ubud

Our Paradise in Bali is called Ubud

Bali is one of the thousands (literally) islands of Indonesia and probably the most famous. And is not by luck! Hypnotizing landscapes, smiley locals, incredible hotels (you will just love all these infinity pools) and world-class dining in very affordable prices. Bali is suitable for any kind of tourism; you just need to find out these little secrets. Our best place in Bali was definitely Ubud. All that green rice terraces, coconut trees and smiley people take your heart away.  We just loved it and believe me you will too!

· Rice terraces, coconut trees and smiley people ·

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So if you find yourself in Ubud here some ideas:

Watch the monkeys on Monkey forest.

You can easily spend a couple of hours just watching these monkeys, playing, eating or just walk around you. At the end is as the name states a “monkey forest”.  There is a small fee for the entrance and they give you a map to help you wonder. There also some instructions of how you must behave to these animals which are very useful. Close your bag, hide your sunglasses and other belongings. These cute monkeys may find them!


Visit Gunnung Kawi temple

It is a 11th –century temple, which is composed of big stones.These stones are basically funeral monuments. Balinese people are very spiritual. There are plenty of temples on the island. Take a tour and visit some of them, are quite interesting. Gunnung Kawi is in a beautiful scenery it really worth a tour.


Stay in a luxury villa with infinity pool ( is cheaper than you believe)

There are many villas and hotel options with great pools and view of the great nature of Ubud.  We stayed on a villa with private pool, breakfast and rice terrace view only for a price we couldn’t imagine! Do your investigation on booking.com, there are many options for every budget.

Take a long walk on the rice terraces

Learn about the rice farming, or just walk around these beautiful fields around Ubud. Personal advise, watch the sunset over a rice terrace. Tegalalang rice terrace is one of the most impressive in the area.



Visit an Ubud spa and take a balinese massage

Take a massage, a scrub, beauty therapy or all these great things you can do on a spa.Bali is full of spa and so is Ubud. Just make a present to yourself or two! The prices are very affordable and there are so many choices.



Visit a coffee plantation

Watch the process of coffee-making and especially the famous Kopi Luwak coffee, which is basically poppies from the animal palm civet (yeah sorry for that). To be more accurate the coffee is made from the part-digested coffee beans, so is not exactly poppies . Try Luwak coffee, or buy if you can afford (one of the most expensive coffees in the world). Try Balinese coffee, or if you are not fun of caffeine, just try some varieties of tea. Bake some beans like George and learn more about this pleasure of life (we love coffee as you can tell).








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