Places to visit in Greece (besides Santorini & Mykonos)
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Places to visit in Greece (besides Santorini & Mykonos)

Places to visit in Greece (besides Santorini & Mykonos)

Greece is a diverse country, full of hidden gems – and some not, so hidden! If you are looking for places to visit in Greece besides Santorini and Mykonos keep reading. Don’t get us wrong, Santorini and Mykonos are beautiful Islands, but especially during summer, they can be really crowded. There are other places to visit in Greece, that are less crowded and still incredibly beautiful! Let’s go!

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Serifos Island

Serifos is just two hours from Athens! A Cycladic island that has somehow managed to remain “hidden”, maintaining its quiet charm even during high season, when other islands are full of people. If you want to experience the real Cycladic spirit, you have to include Serifos on your list of places to visit in Greece. Serifos has 72 beaches. We couldn’t visit them all, but we really enjoyed the ones we did. On the first day, we went to “Psili Ammos” beach, a medium-sized sandy beach, as its name in Greek suggests. In fact, this beach was voted by the Sunday Times (in 2003) as the best beach in Europe. Also, the central square is so colourful and vibrant that you cannot miss it. Perfect spot for photo shootings!

Where to stay in Serifos? Captain’s House Serifos. It’s a holiday home for 4, dating back to the 19th century! It has been restored by the owners (Emi and Manos) and you will have the most authentic stay ever!


Kastellorizo Island

Kastellorizo, also known by its old name as Megisti, is undoubtedly one of the most unique Greek Islands. If we could visit only one place in Greece, that would be Kastellorizo. It’s not a “typical” Greek Island. It’s small, remote (but well connected) with a rich history. If you wonder why you should visit this Island when and how you can go there read our dedicated post “7 things to do in Kastellorizo”.

Where to stay in Kastellorizo: Kastellorizo ​​is a small island, which means it has limited accommodation. That’s why you should make your reservation on time. We stayed in Karnayo(photo from the balcony), which offers traditional rooms and apartments at a good price.

Where to swim: Are there beaches in Kastellorizo? Kastellorizo ​​has no beaches in the classical sense (long sandy or pebbles beach). It looks like Hydra Island, with several beaches surrounded by rocks. We were ok with that as the water was crystal clear. You can enjoy your swim either around the city or with a boat that you can rent (with or without a captain).

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Milos Island

Milos Island offers impressive natural landscapes, beautiful beaches, and a friendly and welcoming vibe from the locals. Along with Crete, it is probably the most well-known Island on our list with places to visit in Greece besides Santorini and Mykonos. Usually, Greeks refer to Milos as a couple’s island, because well…many couples choose Milos for their vacation. It is a romantic place after all! From our perspective, we would call it a photographer’s dream as there are so many extraordinary landscapes to shoot. Sarakiniko is only one of them. You can reach Milos by airplane or by ferry, from the port of Piraeus.

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Lemnos Island

Our visit to Lemnos was probably the most pleasant surprise of our summer 2019! Why? Because the island of Hephaestus is one of those places that have it all: local vibe, delicious food, nice beaches, unique landscapes, and decent prices. All these without the “buzz” of the most popular Greek islands. To be honest, it was one of the islands we did not have on our radar, and we were thrilled to include it on our list with places to visit in Greece! If you are a wine lover, Lemnos has a long tradition. If you are a surfer, Keros is the place to be. The easiest way to go there is by plane from Athens: just a 45min flight and you will be there.

Kefalonia Island

Kefalonia is the largest island of the Ionian Sea and it has a cosmopolitan atmosphere and the most impressive beaches we have experienced. It is the place where “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin”, with Nicolas Cage and Penélope Cruz, was filmed and the place where Nikos Kavvadias, a Greek poet and novelist, grew up. Kefalonia is on our list with places to visit in Greece besides Santorini and Mykonos, mainly because of its incredible beaches. Those 50 shades of blue…

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