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First time riding a hot Air-Balloon in Cappadocia

First time riding a hot Air-Balloon in Cappadocia

Whoever would tell us that one day we would be flying over the beautiful blue sky, riding a hot Air-Balloon in Cappadocia, we wouldn’t probably believe him! It was more like the enthusiasm that a child has when opening his birthday presents, that’s how we embraced this unforgettable memory and here we are, sharing it with you. Because if you ever have the chance to do this trip, air balloon riding is a gift that you shouldn’t deprive of your adult self!

An amazing experience!!


How to organize this hot air-balloon riding in Cappadocia!

The proverb says: the early bird catches the warm. This is how you should also think when it comes to organizing your flight! To begin with choose a reliable airlines company to fly with.  Apart from the apparent reason which is no other than your safety of course, what is also really important is how much you will enjoy this unique ride to the fullest. We chose to live this experience by using the services of Royal Balloons Company and stayed more than happy from it. What is really important to keep in mind is that you should make your reservation quite early because when its high season for them, meaning (April to October) occupancy levels may reach up to 100%. You should better contact directly the airlines yourself and they should provide you with a detailed program of the flights available, prices as well as the schedule.

The schedule

On top of the list and one of the most crucial priorities you should have when deciding to do this trip is your safety of course. There will be of course likelihood of accident, but to be honest, as far as we know, in Cappadocia accident percentages are quite low when taking a look at the number of the flights realized. That doesn’t make a hazard unlikely to occur (since it has happened) so you would be kindly advised to choose a trustworthy airlines company that obtains updated equipment and pilots with expertise. This criteria totally worth paying something extra for. Additionally, if you are afraid of heights you might as well reconsider doing it as, you technically will be sitting in an open «sky basket»!


Pricing and cancellation possibility

So now let’s dive deeper into it! Choosing to do this hot Air-Balloon in Cappadocia is not something you can call a cheap activity. Especially when you want to do it right and under the minimum risk possible. Prices may vary from 80- to 250 euros per person depending on the airlines company, the duration of the flight you might choose (usually it ranges from 1-1,5 hours) as well the capacity. That means with how many other people you will be travelling with in the very same air balloon. It is quite important not to be in a balloon full of people because first of all it is not considered safe at all, and you don’t want to be pushed by Chinese picture lovers who try to capture everything. In our case we were about 12 people in 4 different baskets that end up composing a bigger one, meaning 3 people per basket. That was the most ideal number as we realized and made this experience even more pleasant for us.

Our own experience

It was around 5 am in the morning when Royal Balloons managers took us from the hotel and led us in the premises where a breakfast buffet was waiting for us. It was around 5.40 when we were loaded with energy and they took us to the hot air-balloon that we would board upon. Around 6 am we were flying and experiencing the most beautiful sunrise from the most beneficial point of view.




At the same time there were also other hot air- balloons around us, something that made the whole scenery more than magical! We enjoyed an amazing ride, our pilot had a great sense of humor and was more than willing to explain us all these fantastic things right under our feet. To be more accurate, it seemed like an air-tour! After a 1, 5 hour flight, we landed at a different place where we were welcomed by the ground crew.



At the end of our flight, champagne was already waiting for us to celebrate and make a toast, served with strawberries and chocolate and also medals where given to us! So riding a hot Air-Balloon in Cappadocia was a bucket list activity for us and really it’s something everyone should not miss the chance trying!




A special thanks to Royal Balloons Company for offering such a great service, riding a hot Air-Balloon in Cappadocia and making our adventure unforgettable!






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