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How not to get sick while travelling

How not to get sick while travelling

· Or at least try not to! ·

After many conversations with friends and especially with those who have kids we decided to write some tips which will help you not to get sick while travelling. Before that though you have to embrace the idea that you might get sick even if you are the most careful person in the world with a huge OCD issue (just kidding). Don’t panic we will talk about that too. First things first.

#Tip 1
Wash your hands

It is the most obvious, it is something that reminds you your mama but many times we forget it. Especially important for those who lick their fingers after eating (guilty). According to CDC you should wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds. You wet your hands with hot or cold water, you close the running water (protect the planet my friends, don’t waste water) and you apply the soap. After 20 seconds you wash them off with running water and dry them with a towel or the air dry machine. Voila! When you cannot wash your hands use antibacterial gel. Easy way to avoid to get sick while travelling.

#Tip 2

Well when we travel we tend to forget to hydrate. It is normal because your routine is different and you tend to forget about it. It is very important though. Dehydration can cause from headaches to dizziness. You don’t want that. So if you don’t want to get sick while travelling, keep a bottle of water with you during the day and keep hydrate yourself.

#Tip 3
Do necessary vaccines

If you are planning to visit some countries like India, you probably need to do some vaccines. Ask your health care provider and plan to do the appropriate vaccines. Do it early because some of them need time, or double dose that cannot be done right after the first dose.

#Tip 4
Watch out what you eat

There are some simple rules based on common sense when it comes to eating food on a foreign country. Before analyzing them I just need to say that sometimes the traveler’s tummy effect is happening because you follow a different diet from the one that you are used to. So, don’t panic. Let’s start with saying the basic, like don’t eat to places that don’t follow simple hygiene rules (and you can see it!). Avoid eating shellfish, such as mussels and oysters. I personally don’t follow that tip because I really love them (I do), but every action has consequences. I got a food poisoning in Paris from eating oysters. Yeah, good romantic times. Avoid unpasteurized dairy products and be careful with your meat, especially chicken to be well cooked.

#Tip 5
Drink bottled water

In some countries it is safe to drink tap water, so proceed. There are many countries that is not. So if you don’t want to get sick while travelling, drink bottled water and be careful with juices and ice cubes in your drinks. The ice cubes are probably from tap water! There are also purifying water pills but we have never used them.

#Tip 6
Protect yourself from the sun

One more obvious thing that we tend to forget. Use sun cream, not to get burned, sunglasses and hat. And of course avoid “dangerous hours” when the heat is too high. I remember when we were in Morocco, we found ourselves wandering at 2pm, lost and the sun was burning. It was a nightmare. I don’t need to say that we were feeling exhausted the rest of the day.

#Tip 7
Be proactive

Take some necessary medications with you to avoid some usual but annoying symptoms. Don’t overdo it. Some painkillers, a basic antibiotic for traveler’s tummy, maybe ant-diarrhea pills and allergy pills. Buy travel insurance! Yes, you might get sick and you also might have an accident. But these can happen at home too! Don’t stop living because you are afraid if something happens. Don’t be afraid, be prepared.

Extra tips Do your investigation and buy travel insurance that covers medical emergencies etc. So if you get sick while travelling you will not at least worry about hospitalization costs.