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Why Singapore must be your Next Travel Destination

Why Singapore must be your Next Travel Destination

When we first visited Singapore it was about two years ago.  It was enough for us to become one of our favorite places ever been to. So when we heard that Scoot Airlines come to Greece and would offer a direct flight to Singapore, one thing was sure. We would come back. And so did we!

Travel to Singapore!


The airline

Scoot Airlines is a low cost airline company, is a subsidiary company of  Singapore Airlines and operates for about 5 years. It was back in June of 2017 when it launched a surprise-route from Athens to Singapore, direct flight, joining Europe with Asia. As one might clearly understand, we had no choice but to go for it! One more reason to do so, were the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner that are used by the company for this specific route. All the airplane junkies out there will for sure embrace our desire!

The trip

We started packing our stuff on a beautiful Saturday morning, feeling more than excited about our 11 hour flight that would take us once again in Singapore! Even though the flight was full, we were quite comfortable in Scoot silence-quiet zone (a zone were children under 12 years old are not allowed), we had our snacks, we surfed the Internet (oh yes, you can have wifi in this flight with a small fee) we fell asleep and Sunday morning we woke up to Singapore!

The reasons why it really worth visiting Singapore are numerous. Apart from the fact that now you can find great deals on ticket purchases and of course skip the hard time that a long trip with many stops would give you, you will have the chance to see things that will leave you in awe.

So should we start our tour in Singapore?!

Wander in the Gardens by the bay

There are gardens and  there are Gardens by the Bay. Forget everything that you knew till know about all the gardens you have seen. Apart from the diversity of the plants, you will get to see supernatural artificial trees that blow the park with solar energy (Supertree Grove), plant domes (Flower Dome) and a tropical forest (Cloud Forest)! We should not forget to add to these, a swaying bridge (OCBC Skyway), carved sculptures and lakes. It is more than clear that it is a place that you had better not forget to put off the bucket list when in Singapore.

Extra tip: Entrance is free for the Gardens. Some parts like the Flower Dome, Cloud Forest, OCBC  require an extra fee. Don’t forget to visit the audiovisual light  show in Supertree Grove at 19.45 & 20.45.

Visit the exhibitions of Art and Science Museum

It’s a futuristic museum, located in one of the city’s most pretty spots, Marina Bay. Exhibitions combining technology with art, will not only inspire you but also teach you a lot. There are temporary exhibitions but also permanent ones, like the Future World Exhibition that really worth paying a visit!



Take a night walk in the Marina Bay

I still can’t forget the first time that, after a jet lag, we found ourselves walking in Marina Bay at 3am. It was pure magic! Illuminated skyscrapers, the calm waters of the gulf, Marina Bays Sands magnificent hotel, and our love. It makes you feel like you have it all, like the world is yours to conquer. If that’s not a good reason to visit Singapore, then what is?

Extra tip: You should not forget to watch the free Spectra show, with waters and lights. It lasts about 15 minutes and you can watch it from 20.00-21.00

Take a dive into a roof top pool

Singapore offers first class hotel operations , with incredible pools. The warm climate is suitable for such activities and allows you to swim all year round and enjoy the view from the skyscrapers to the fullest! It is high time you spoiled yourself a little bit, and that’s the perfect country for you to do it.



Taste the famous Chili Crab

A real traveler is one who loves to wander in new culinary paths wherever he is. So, when in Singapore you will get to realize the variety of the flavors you can taste. The city-state itself is a mixture of many different people and cultures. But if you are seeking to taste the absolute plate, that would definitely be the famous chili crab. A whole crab  dived in a sweet chili sauce! One of the most tasty and mouth watering plates we have ever tasted.

Meet the tradition in China Town and Little India

Something really special about Singapore is that it is a mishmash of various cultures that live harmonically altogether. You will get to meet Chinese, Indian, Malaysian and European people! The result of this multicultural composition is the creation of beautiful traditional neighborhoods, like Chinatown, Little India and the Arab Quarter. At these points you will get to experience their culture form every aspect, their cuisine, architecture, as well as their way of life.

“Get lost” in the botanical gardens

The Botanical Gardens of Singapore are a true oasis in the city. You will see the tropical vegetation and you will get to get lost in the endless grasses. Enjoy your walk and don’t forget to visit the special garden with the orchids!

(Other interesting activities to do in Singapore are: Night Safari, Sentosa Island, Universal Studios, Hawker centers.)


Watch the video

So, what do you think till now? Does Singapore worth becoming your next destination?

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