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How to spend an afternoon in Piraeus

How to spend an afternoon in Piraeus

Piraeus is a port city in the region of Attica, according to our friends in Wikipedia. And is true! Don’t get confused though, Piraeus is much more than a big port. It is a live region, full of interesting things to do and places to have fun. So if you find yourself in Athens spend an afternoon in Piraeus and enjoy.  Here you will read about our suggested itinerary for an afternoon in Piraeus.

· Athenian neighborhoods ·

The port of Piraeus!


Start your walk from Bay of Zeas

One of the most cosmopolitan areas of Piraeus is the Bay of Zeas. Yachts and sailing ships are parked in the bay, shops, cafeterias and restaurants are waiting for the next customer! Don’t skip a very well know point, which is the stone clock. The perfect place to set an appointment. Walk towards Mikrolimano and enjoy the view of Kastella and the beach “votsalakia”.

End up to Mikrolimano

Mikrolimano is another cosmopolitan area full of restaurants, cafes and some beautiful renovated old houses. Again you can admire the yachts and the sailing ships which are parked in the bay. Mikrolimano is also ideal for late drinks.



Eat a burger!

As we said before Piraeus is a place full of life and choices. So if you have an appetite you will be satisfied. Let’s start with the burger. For this head to “Mpar mpee kiou” which actually means barbecue. Well, we will leave the picture speak. Just remember don’t get shocked from the portions and yes, there are maaaany choices but just make one. Prices from 15euro per person (soda+burger).

Alternative go for Thai , or some meze with ouzo!

If you love international food, like Thai, Piraeus offers that too! Head to Rouan Thai. At first you will not be impressed from the outside look of the restaurant. Inside though is warm, full of delicious smells and people. Enjoy some original Thai food, like red curry shrimps or soup with coconut milk and chicken. Oh don’t forget to taste the yummy fried banana. Prices from 20euro per person (appetizer + main course + dessert)

Now if you want to enjoy traditional ouzo with fish meze head to Freatida. This area hosts many places for ouzo and all kind of delights.