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How to succesfully fly with your Pet in Cabin

How to succesfully fly with your Pet in Cabin

In this post you will read about what you should keep in mind in order to fly with your Pet in Cabin. But first, say hi to Karolina (featured dog), our super cute model.

Now let’s see some things that you should NOT do:

  • Do not hide your pet in your bag, or shirt and pretend like nothing is happening in front of the check-in agents. Especially when is barking like crazy. (Yes, this is a real event).
  • Do not let it free in the airport to pope everywhere and pretend you didn’t see it (nice manners).
  • Don’t try to persuade the airline that your pet is a dog when is more than obvious that is not (true story).
  • Do not travel with your octopus in the cabin (like really?!)


You are not that person. Nice! Keep reading then.

What kind of pet do you have?

You may love your little turtles, or your cute hamster but their cuteness is not going to get them in the cabin of the aircraft. The airlines accept specific animals in the cabin and of course under strict conditions which we are going to analyze above. There are many animals’ species that are not accepted at all. There is also a big category of animals (your hamster goes here) that can travel only on hold. So, let’s say you have just a normal cat or dog. If you do, keep reading!

What is the size of your pet? Is the cage suitable?

So you are the proud owner of a beautiful adult Labrador. Unfortunately, the size of this dog is not exactly suitable for the cabin. Usually, the appropriate weight is under 10 kilo. Besides the size, the dimensions of the cage are specific and may slightly change from one airline to another. Ask from your pet shop a cage suitable for the cabin. In any case you should contact your airline.

Do you have proof of vaccination?

You are the responsible owner of a pet? Nice. You probably visit your veterinary regularly. Very good. Check before you fly with your Pet in Cabin, if the appropriate vaccines are valid and keep the health book of the animal with you. If the vaccines are expired you are not going to fly (especially without anti-rabies). At least not with your pet. Also, don’t forget the microchip.

How old is your cute puppy?

If you have a puppy (under 3 months old) the situation can become even more complicated. In some cases the baby pet cannot travel because it doesn’t have vaccines (due to its young age is not possible). In some cases it can travel only with the mother. Always check with the airline!

Where is your ticket?

The pets do not travel for free. They are passengers so they pay a ticket. The cost is not high but is necessary! You have to make the request on your airline prior the departure because there is a limit in the cabin. Some airlines do not accept pets on the spot at the airport. Also you have to know if the destination – country is accepting pets. In any case contact your airline, they will inform you.

Your passport please?

Yes, your pet needs a passport. So bring the paper-work with you. Keep in mind that the passports vary. For example if the pet is from a European country it will have a European passport.

Have a nice fly!!!

Extra tips P.S We thank our friend Valentina, the proud owner of Karolina for the photos.
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