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Traditional Romanian foods you should try in Bucharest

Traditional Romanian foods you should try in Bucharest

There are many interesting traditional Romanian foods that you can try while in this beautiful country. Like pork with beans or soup with cabbage and smoked pork, which are not mentioned in our post. This is just a sample of what we ate on our gateway to Bucharest. So feel free and taste all the delights and let us know what we should eat next time! Let’s start!

· A sample ·!


Covrigi with sesame

Probably one of the most famous traditional Romanian foods , or better street foods. Looks like a pretzel but is thinner. You can find it with flavors and fillings or plain. Crunchy outside soft inside, just yummy. Perfect and cheap snack.




Sarmale is one of the most popular traditional Romanian foods which you should not skip. In simple English sarmale is stuffed cabbage rolls. The main ingredient is minced meat, beef or pork or both! Usually they are accompanied with polenta, sour cream and a chili pepper. Very fulfilling dish, perfect for cold days. Reminds you your grandma.

Pork knuckle

Smoked pork knuckle with beans sauce, usually served with pickles. This dish is very popular during national holidays, but you can try it any winter day. Better to share it with someone!

Ciorba de Pui (sour soup with chicken)

When I decided to order this soup the waiter told me to think about it because  it has an intense taste. As you can imagine I ordered it anyway! Is like a strong chicken soup with a vivid sense of garlic. Nice taste. Don’t kiss anyone after (seriously).



Covrigi with sausage

We love sausages. Yeap, is not the healthier food on earth but if it’s good is really good. So this snack is basically like a lighter hot-dog. The bun is different, crunchier and not fluffy and there is no sauce. Just the sausage. Try it warm. There is an other version with ham and cheese, but we believe sausage is the best.