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What travel document you need for international flights?

What travel document you need for international flights?

You are one step away from entry into the country, with the photograph in your hand to capture the first impression out of the airport doors and there comes the question: Your visa? Don’t search in your wallet or your bag and for sure not your pockets. It should have been inside your passport.When you arrange for an international flight, the most important thing “if you consider the ticket think again” is your travel document. You think that I have my passport so everything will be ok…But not. I have been a witness (many times) when travelers dream got shattered at the departure or arrival airport.

Let’s have an idea of what is a travel document and some useful tips for international flights

“And let me inform you now that driving license and birth or police certificates are NOT a travel document for international flights”

Identity card

A valid ID must not be expired or damaged. Military ID is not recognized as travel document but police from the other side is acceptable travel document for some countries.


It is the strongest travel document. This is your ticket for the world tour (valid of course). Try not to damage your passport and keep it in a good situation. Did you know that a lot of countries you will plan to visit require specific validity of your passport? Turkey for example requires 5 months validity after you arrive for most nationalities.


Visa is an authorization granted by a country to a foreigner. This is your golden ticket to make an entry in every country. Type and validity depends from your nationality and the country you are about to visit. Touristic, employment, study or any other type of visa is issued in the embassy of destination country and always with expiration date. ETA or ESTA is an electronic type of visa which you can apply online, usually for U.S. and Australia.

Sufficient funds

Travelers are required to go through immigration clearance upon arrival (specific nationalities and countries). No matter how good your passport is, or if you have visa, the sufficient funds must last for the intended period of stay:

  • Return or onward ticket
  • Curtain amount of money( cash )
  • Prove your accommodation

For all the above immigration authorities have the right to declare you inadmissible non bona fide passenger and say bye bye to this country.


Actually this is a type of visa. In some countries when you cross the boarders they put a stamp in your passport. You might have a double nationality (two passports) but you have to exit the country with the same passport of entry. You must also know that bearing a stamp in your passport form a country, might prevent you make an entry in another. For example you cannot enter Lebanon with an Israeli stamp valid, cancelled or expired. Stamps contain an arrow to show in or out of the country.


  • Each customer travelling across any international boundary is responsible for obtaining the necessary travel document for international flights.
  • You might need a transit visa even if you don’t leave the airport but just waiting for the connecting flight.
  • In any case the embassy of your destination country is responsible to guide you.
  • Children, infants and Pets (yes, pets!) must have a valid passport and not a birth certificate to travel abroad.
  • You have to report your passport lost or stolen immediately to protect yourself, and visit your embassy for emergency passport or Laissez-passer (travel document).
  • Oh! And please, no photos or selfies at the immigration (personal experience, excitement you know!!).
  • Improperly documented passengers will be declared as INAD (inadmissible passengers). If you will be refused admission to entry the country then you know the way back. Actually this is the worst scenario but the airline will cover your expenses (food and return ticket).
  • Last but not least check the 5 smart things to do the day before your flight.


If you want more details just ask, or leave your comment below!

Extra tips Don’t forget to make photocopies of your travel document.