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5 Ultimate tricks to gain space in your suitcase

5 Ultimate tricks to gain space in your suitcase

A common challenge when travelling is the packing process. Not only the timing (you know…last minute suitcases) but also the way you pack in order to fit everything you need. Let’s start with the fact that you will not probably need all the things you have in mind, but in any case if you want to gain space in your suitcase follow these 5 smart packing tricks.

Roll baby…Roll

Some clothes is better to roll them and not to fold them. Why? Basically because you can compress the volume of your clothes and “build” easier your suitcase. Imagine a lego game, where lego pieces are your clothes! Some clothes like jeans is better to first fold them in half and then roll them. Besides the fact that you gain space in your suitcase, the clothes are less wrinkled. Don’t get me wrong. Less wrinkled doesn’t mean not wrinkled at all, but we will discuss this in a future post. Look at the picture bellow and take an idea of how to roll!

Use the inside of your shoe to storage socks, or gloves etc

Another easy trick to gain space in your suitcase is to put socks in your shoes. This action has dual effect. First you gain space and second you keep the “hard” shoes on their supposed shape (not compressed). It can be very useful with your “formal” shoes believe us!

Use you contact lenses case for make-up and cream.

I guess this trick doesn’t need a lot of analysis. You take a clean contact lenses case and you use it for you make-up or face-cream. This trick is extremely useful for your gateways where you don’t need a big quantity of make-up and of course if you travel with hand luggage. No need to worry about the ml in your bottle and if you can get them throw the airport security. Probably I don’t need to mention again that you gain space in your suitcase, right?

Use shower caps to “pack” your shoes

We belong to these people who see shower caps in a hotel room and find them completely unnecessary (I know that for many people are the opposite though). Well, actually if you don’t use them during your shower you can at least use them to pack your shoes. You no longer need plastic bags, which are ugly, or soft bags which take too much space in your suitcase.

Extra tips Straws for your necklaces and buttons for your earrings :
Don’t take boxes with you for your jewelry. So much wasted space is a pity! I f you don’t want your jewelry to become a mess use straws for the chains of your necklaces and buttons for your earrings!