Volcan Acatenango hike. All you need to know
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Volcan Acatenango hike. All you need to know!

Volcan Acatenango hike. All you need to know!

One of the most extraordinary experiences we had during our trip in Central America and specifically in Guatemala was our Volcan Acatenango hike. We still cannot believe how we decided to hike Volcan Acatenango, which is right next to the active Volcano Fuego (we hiked Volcan Fuego too, but we will talk about this later). We chose the agency Wicho & Charlie’s for the Volcan Acatenango (and Volcan Fuego) hike, and we will give you all the details, from how difficult the hike was, how much it costed and all you need to know before you embark on this adventure.

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How difficult is the Volcan Acatenango hike?

Let’s be honest. This is not an easy peasy hike. Do you need to be an experienced trekker to go for it? No. However, you will need to be in relatively good shape because it might not be a long hike but still, it is not an easy one. It gets steep at some points and the biggest part is uphill. It is 3.976 meters high after all. The Volcan Acatenango hike was a challenge for us too, as ex-smokers. George also carried a lot of equipment with him, and the weight on his back made it even worst. So, keep in mind not to carry too many things, besides the ones that the agency advised you – In our case, it was the Wicho & Charlie’s agency. Make sure to prepare some layers of clothing, because at night it gets cold, your food supplies and a lot of water. The Volcan Acatenango hike is challenging but doable. The timing of the team is also important. You can choose a comfortable hiking pace and not press yourself too much – this is not a race!

How long does it take for the Volcan Acatenango hike?

Typically, you do the Volcan Acatenango hike on a two-day/one night trip. Yes, you are going to sleep on the base camp of the volcano. The hike starts around 10am and you arrive at the base camp around 3pm. You rest a bit and then you have two choices: to either hike to the top of the Volcan Acatenango or to hike the Volcan Fuego. You will be back by night, depending on the hike you choose and the team you are with. You will have dinner, get a night’s sleep and in the morning you will either hike again the part that you missed the previous day, or you will just enjoy a coffee and start the descent. Around 11am you will be at the beginning of the trail. From there, it is about an one-hour drive to Antigua with the minibus.

Volcan Fuego hike.

There is no similar feeling like the one we got seating at the base camp, drinking hot chocolate and watching Volcan Fuego erupting! Opposite to Volcan Acatenango you will see Volcan Fuego, which is active (yes, you can see and hear the eruptions all night long). Besides these two babies, there is a third volcano that you can see, if weather permits. Volcan Agua! Anyway, the interesting fact here is that you can hike the Volcan Fuego too. That would be three to four hours longer (round trip) from the Volcan Acatenango Base Camp but it is totally worth it. You should know, though, that it is not always possible to hike the Volcan Fuego, as it might not be safe due to weather conditions. Your guide will let you know if it is possible or not. This trek  is not for the faint-hearted either. The agency informed us from the beginning that we will see if it is possible to hike Fuego when we arrive at Acatenango. Keep in mind that there is extra charge for this hike (20 euros approximately), which you can pay when you get back to the agency. Let us say that hiking Fuego was one of our top travel experiences ever!

(If this hike feels to difficult for you, or you don’t have enough time you can try hiking Volcan Pacaya)

How much does the Volcan Acatenango hike cost?

The prices between agencies vary, but not that much. Without a second though, give those extra bucks. We met two fellow travellers that chose the most budget-friendly options out there and the service was not good –they also mentioned safety issues, which is the worst. We paid for the whole Volcan Acatenango hike 159 dollars (2 persons) for a private cabin all included and approximately 40 dollars extra for the Fuego hike (which is optional). You can save some money by choosing a shared cabin (65 dollars per person all included). We believe that the price is more than fair for an experience like this one.