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What to wear when you travel. Tips for smart travellers

What to wear when you travel. Tips for smart travellers

Let’s start!

When you travel you want to be comfortable but also stylish. So the big questions is what to wear when you travel in order to feel like that. Especially if you travel for many hours! It doesn’t matter if you travel with airplane, train or ship. Here you will find some tips and ideas (for men and woman) to avoid unpleasant situations and of course to feel comfy!


Prefer shoes without high heel. Don’t even mention stilettos. When you travel with airplane there is a chance your feet to star swelling. The result is to suffer! So heels is the last thing you need. Consider also that distances in many airports are quite long and is not the ideal situation to run with your stilettos and a suitcase.

Avoid too tight pants. This tip applies to both woman and men. Think that you may stay seated for many hours and many parts of your body will be squeezed. When you are on move you want the best blood circulation to avoid swelling.

Choose clothes that are not for extreme temperatures. What do we mean? Not too hot sweater, or super mini dresses. The reason why is because despite the cold, or warm weather the temperature is different in an airplane, or ship. Think how many times you have been in a plane and you are freezing even with heatwave outside.

Wear comfortable underwear and clean socks. We don’t need to overanalyze this tip. Just think that you will remove your shoes and the last thing you want is to cause suffer to the rest travelers, or to see your toe saying hi to everyone through a hole on your sock. Let’s be ladies and gentlemen.

So what to wear when you travel – Suggestions

The perfect outfit for woman is leggings in combination with a blouse, or a short dress. Add a cardigan or a blazer and voila. Now as far as shoes concern you can wear ankle boots, or walking shoes. This outfit is comfortable and stylish without being too sexy.

Another more playful and girly outfit is dress with jacket. Be careful though you don’t want to be too short, in order to feel comfortable when seated. Again you can combine it with ankle boots or espadrilles. Both outfits match nicely with a scarf.

Extra tips For men things are easier. Comfy pants, casual shoes and a polo shirt, or t-shirt. Also a light pullover is ideal for temperature difference. For more athletic types is ok to wear a sweat suit.
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