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Weekend in Heraklion Crete

Weekend in Heraklion Crete

Heraklion is the biggest city of the island Crete. The history of Heraklion starts as early as 2000 BC. Ancient city of Knossos with king Minoas, Byzantine, Venetian and Ottoman era has now give the identity of the modern era of Heraklion. You will discover Venetian walls as you are walking along the city.  Although you don’t get the impression of an island (fourth largest city in Greece), Heraklion is the birthplace of Nikos Kazantzakis and El Greco, has a unique culture and amazing landscapes. We worn you, a weekend in Heraklion won’t be enough. So if you decide to dedicate more time, rent a car from Rental Center Crete and explore the island!

Visit Heraklion!


Let’s get started
The Old Venetian harbor

You can admire the picturesque Venetian harbor surrounded by the 2Km long mole. This is one of the most famous walk tours of local citizens.  During your walk you will see local fishermen with their portable radios and of course some street fast-food.  Across the street you will see the surviving Venetian shipyards which remained from the pirate raids.

Venetian Koules fortress

An imposing fortress that stands at the entrance of the harbor protecting the city. Koules became the trademark of Heraklion and is connected with the history of Venetian and Turkish sieges. Currently you can see some art exhibitions and cultural activities with 1 euro entrance. The higher level of the fortress will amaze you. Spectacular view of the old harbor and the entire city. We got our camera full of photos. Spend a lot of time there on your weekend in Heraklion.

Agios Titos church (Saint Titus)

Santorini in winter is quieter  because of the fact that is low season, so you can enjoy better prices and service in restaurants. Enjoy fresh fish, fava, tomato balls and local wine. You can actually find table in any restaurant that you want, contrary to summer where restaurants are full and  you  need to make the tour of the island in order to enjoy a meal. Keep in mind though that some restaurants do not operate during winter, but again you have many excellent choices. So, no worries!

25th August street

The busiest pedestrian street of Heraklion. Starts from the Harbor and ends in the city center. Full of neoclassical buildings, stores, traditional shops, café, bars, restaurant and the most amazing Greek street food “Gyros”(slashes of pork and other yummy staff wrapped in flat bread). One day is not enough. You will need a weekend in Heraklion for sure. If you like the Cretan tradition ckeck out the “Kritiko Argastiri” for souvenirs, traditional clothes and more!

Nikos Kazantzakis Tomb

If you haven’t listened once in your life, then you must listen and dance “Zorbas “now.  The Tomb of one of the most famous writers in the word is at the top of a Venetian Wall. Read about Kazantzakis and visit this place. The experience is great.



Crete cuisine and drinks

Now let’s get to the most important thing you must do in Heraklion. There is a whole philosophy of Cretan people for this Mediterranean cuisine “Eat as much as you can”. Top quality pure products give you another idea of food. You will not find a tavern which doesn’t serve goat or lamb ribs. Greek salad, Dakos, Cretan cheese, Cretan cheese Pies are some of the most famous dishes. Fried snails, try to avoid licking your fingers (if you can!). If you find someone to take you to a traditional wedding remember the word Gamopilafo. Eat as much as you can. When someone offers you RAKI try to remember to drink it slowly. This is the Cretan Brandy but is HOT!!



3-4 DAYS