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A great weekend in Lafkos and guesthouse Fyloma

A great weekend in Lafkos and guesthouse Fyloma

The truth is that we have visited Pelion in the past, but never made it to South Pelion. However, it is never too late to discover hidden gems in our beautiful Greece! So when we the opportunity came up we visited the guesthouse “Fyloma” and we had a wonderful weekend in Lafkos. Although the weather was not on our side we didn’t lose our mood and we grabbed the chance to get away from everything and relax. So let’s discover the picturesque Lafkos and the beautiful guesthouse «Fyloma» together.

Travel to Lafkos!


The village

Lafkos is on an ideal location in South Pelion. Why? Because it simply combines mountain and sea, which makes it suitable for all seasons! In the autumn you can enjoy hiking since the surrounding area has wonderful trails! In the winter, you can enjoy yourself at the guesthouse “Fyloma” next to the fireplace accompanied by local delicacies. In the summer you can swim to the near beached at the Pagasitikos bay and explore the picturesque square of the village!

What makes Lafkos special?

The beautiful stone-built mansions, the picturesque streets, the view of Pagasitikos bay and many more. One of these is Emmanuel Forlida’s cafe, in the central square, which is 242 years old! On the walls of the café you will find pictures that reveal the history of this place (in one picture you can spot the famous writer Papadiamantis!) .Before the square you will find a bakery called “Lafkos Traditional Bakery – Ioannis Drositis”. It’s history goes back in 1904 and an interesting fact is that this place was meant to be a train station! However, it has never been and continues to bake pies and bread to this day. The village has also three museums! The “Fabio”, the “Radio Museum” and the Folklore. So if you think twice a weekend in Lafkos, it will not be enough!

The guesthouse “Fyloma”


Inside the village of Lafkos you will find the guesthouse “Fyloma”. Dated back in the 19th century, the stone building has been restored but has kept many “pieces” of the past. Somehow the wooden staircase, the beams, the stones and many decorative elements bring with them a taste from the past.With just 5 rooms, you can feel the hospitality and the “warmness” of the guesthouse.



Some rooms have a fireplace, while some have view of the Pagasitic bay. All rooms have been decorated with special pieces which we loved! A miniature sewing machine, an old radio and a modern red mini-bar all blended harmoniously. Inside the guesthouse there are two lounges, one on the 2nd floor and one on the ground floor where you can spend time with your friends, or with a book and the fireplace.


Why we will be back again

What makes guesthouse «Fyloma» unique? The hospitality and the breakfast! Anthi, who manages the guesthouse, is a worthy representative of the Greek hospitality. With a smile, humor and a lot of love for the village she makes you feel like your home. She gave us a lot of useful information about the place while she was there to help us with everything we needed. This successful recipe continues at the breakfast area. Handmade delicacies from Anthi made with local products are the best way to start your day. We tasted delicious trachanas with feta cheese and yogurt, cheese rolls, chocolate pie and handmade jams with baked bread. How cannot this be a wonderful weekend in Lafkos ?

Other useful information

If you visit the area in the summertime you can find beautiful beaches on a short distance. Some of them are: Myrina, Mikro, Kastri, Platanias and others.

For food we visited two taverns (which we liked and approve). The “Drosia” in Lafkos square for traditional dishes and “Giannis the Germanos” in Neochori for buffalo meat.

For bookings in the guesthouse:

Website: http://fyloma.com/en/  T. +30 2423065660

For more pictures visit our Instagram account!

Note : We were guests at guesthouse «Fyloma» and this is a review based on our personal opinion and experience. We want to thank the hotel and the personnel for the warm hospitality!