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The 6 dishes you must eat in Bali

The 6 dishes you must eat in Bali

We are both food fanatics. We just try anything, even though sometimes this is not the best idea. Find something weird on the menu and go for it, could easily be our motto. You never know what kind of new flavor will blow up your mind. Bali has many interesting things to taste. Those who love spicy tastes and chilly will for sure be satisfied…but not only them. Here is a list of things we recommend you to try in Bali.


· You never know what kind of new flavor will blow up your mind ·

Save some room for the best dishes in Bali!


Bebek goring

This dish is basically duck seasoned and then steamed or boiled before being deep-fried. So crispy and yummy that you might ignore the usual surroundings (rice, sambals and vegetables).





Babi Guling (Suckling Pig)

Pork is not my favourite but you need to try this one. The meat is usually served on rice with stewed vegetables, pork sausage, something like pork “chips” and last but not least the crispy skin. If you decide to go to the famous Ibu Oka to try this special dish and especially the crispy skin go for an early lunch, as they close early and run out!(Dish around 55.000)





Shrimps, squid and lobster. Name it and you can find it. Take a seat next to a beautiful beach and just enjoy an affordable lunch or dinner (average 250.000 for a dinner for two). BBQ shrimps and a Bintang beer please!




Nasi goreng and mie goreng

One of our best dishes you must eat in Bali. Very cheap, tasty and a variety of ingredients. Nasi goreng is basically fried rice with sweet soya sauce and spices, assorted usually with chicken or seafood, some shrimp chips and a fried egg on top. Mie goreng is almost the same concept but with fried noodles as main ingredient.

Satay sticks

Again you will find it almost everywhere. This small sticks of wood with these small tasty bites of meat or fish, full of great spices and a dash of lemongrass barbequed. Yum Yum.




And for dessert bananas the Bali way…

Pisang Goreng, which is fried banana served with honey or palm sugar syrup, a bit of  coconut or vanilla ice cream or just plain.






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