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The absolute White Village of Andalusia Arcos de la Frontera

The absolute White Village of Andalusia Arcos de la Frontera

Our roadtrip in Andalusia lasted for 10 days, one of which was devoted to a place that was to become our favorite on the whole trip. A truly white Andalusian village, the Arcos de La Frontera. This small town – village is located in the province of Cadiz, somewhere between Jerez and Seville. The nearest airport to Arcos de la Frontera is Jerez Airport (30 minutes’ drive) and 2nd closest to Seville Airport (1.30 hours driving).

Why this place charmed us? Continue reading!

The absolute white village


The absolute white village.

The “white villages” of Andalusia (Pueblos Blancos) have the same characteristics and most of them can be found in Southern Spain. The reason why they are white villages is obvious. The villages are white! The houses are painted with lime to keep cool in the summer, creating a bright contrast to the Mediterranean Spanish landscape. The Arcos de la Frontera is no exception! We call it the ultimate white village of Andalusia because it really was an eyebrow and from all the white villages we saw on our way Arcos de La Frontera made the difference.


That’s why we decided to stay overnight (in our campervan!). The scenery is magical as the village is built on a hill (Peña Vieja), there is also a river (Guadalete) and a lake quite nearby! We arrived in the afternoon and decided to spend the night by the river overlooking the rock and the village that was full of lights in the evening. This village, as well as the rest of the area, is a wonderful alloy of history since it was once Moorish territory.


What to do & see?

  • Wandering around the city’s narrow streets is an undeniably relaxing experience. The quietness of the village, the white walls, the tidy pots hanging from the window. A dream!
  •  Visit the Plaza del Cabildo located on the top of the village and enjoy unbelievable views with a cold beer.
  • There you will find the Mudejar Church the Santa Maria de la Asuncion, which is in Gothic style.
  • Enjoy authentic Spanish tapas and just relax!



Watch our video from Andalusia.


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